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Choose A Birth Flower Instead Of Zodiac Tattoo

Many people get Zodiac sign-based tattoos. This is the one thing that will never change, even if relationships change; and that is the reason most of them opt for these kind of tattoos.

So getting a zodiac tattoo seems to be a cool idea, but what if we have a better idea than getting only a plain symbol-based tattoo design?

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Well, this is an awesome new trend that is making waves these days, which is much more unique for sure. People nowadays are opting for their birth flower tattoo designs, based on their birth month.

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So, check out your birth flower, for each of the 12 months, from below and choose this as your next tattoo design!


January – Carnation

Carnations are said to get a really bad rap for being the "cheap" flower, but the fact is that they are simply BEAUTIFUL! There are so many different colour options and they make beautiful tattoo designs. So, go ahead and get it done!


February – Violet

Roses are red, violets are blue and if you are born in February, then you should totally get this tattoo! Sounds crazy, right? But the end result is pretty cool!


March – Daffodil

Daffodils are the first sign of spring, as they bring their bright yellow petals that easily brighten up the lingering grayness of the winter. They truly are beautiful and would make a great addition to your tattoo collection.


April – Sweet Pea

This name alone is enough to make one smile! Sweet peas are so cute and the little pink blossoms do look feminine and fun. This is perfect for the women who love pink and flowers!


May – Lily Of The Valley

Whether you are born in May or not, this is an excellent choice for any floral tattoo! It is simple enough for anyone to have one, and it looks stunning on its own!


June – Honeysuckle

The guys born in June have two options! One is a honeysuckle and the other is a rose. Since we have all seen more than enough rose tattoos for one's lifetime, they might want to consider this unique flower as their next tattoo.


July – Waterlily

Water lilies are definitely the favourite of many, especially when it is all about the flower tattoos. There are different colour options and they are easy to fit into any cluster of tattoos.


August – Poppy

One may only think of poppies when they think of the Wizard of Oz, but the bright red buds are said to make beautiful tattoos! Simplistic or elaborate, either way the poppy is a winner!


September – Morning Glory

These are perfect for anywhere on the body because they are so simplistic, yet their colours do make a statement. The colour pops so nicely and the shape of the morning glories will simply melt your heart.


October – Calendula

This super-realistic tattoo is a great way to show off your birth tattoo. It is also called marigold, which is that brightly coloured flower. The best place you can see this tattoo is on people's shoulders or forearm that stand out like no other!


November – Chrysanthemum

November girls might be the luckiest of the bunch, as they get the best tattoo option because these tattoos are so simple and beautiful; and just think of the endless possibilities?


December – Holly

Nothing says December baby like the holly. If you are worried about it being too holiday oriented for your taste, get it in black and gray and it looks like a lovely vine. There are countless styles you could choose from with this flower, so go crazy!

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    Story first published: Friday, July 28, 2017, 10:45 [IST]
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