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Her Bones Were Broken Even Before She Was Born!

The story of little Zoe Lush is inspiring, as she is a born fighter who was born with over 100 of her bones fractured!

Check out the story of little Zoe who has turned 6 and is still fighting with a rare genetic disease that she was born with.

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According to the doctors, her bones are so delicate that even sneezing could leave her with a broken rib, or a simple fall can even kill her!

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Read on to know more about this miracle girl Zoe!


Her Mum Was Made Aware Of Her Condition During A Scan!

Zoe's mum was given the news of her child's condition in a 4D scan. She said, "She had broken ribs, the arms and legs were about six weeks behind what they should have been and they told us that she had very severe condition and that she possibly wouldn't make it until her birth date."


Chelsea Was Asked To Abort The Baby!

Even though Chelsea was aware of her baby's condition, she went against medical advice and gave birth to Zoe by cesarean section. We bet, this was a tough decision, but guess it is worth it, as Zoe is so beautiful!


She Was Born With Osteogenesis Imperfecta – A Genetic Condition

Even before Zoe was born, doctors noticed that she suffered from this rare condition of broken bones. This condition with genetic mutation affects around 1 in 15,000 people in the UK and up to 50,000 people in the US.


She Stayed In A Hospital For A Week!

She stayed in the hospital for a week, where she received an IV treatment called 'pamidronate'. This treatment helps to strengthen the bones internally; and it was a major component in reducing some of the fractures.


She Literally Breaks In The Wind!

According to her mother, "Zoe is very fragile, she literally breaks in the wind"! She further added, "There have been some close calls but she astonishes us every single day".


She Is Almost Internally Decapitated

Doctors state that Zoe has broken nearly every bone in her body and she was almost internally decapitated after the bones in her neck began to wear away.


She Has Metal Rods

She has also had metal rods that are inserted into her limbs and she had undergone a neck surgery to stabilise her spine as well.

She Attends Physical Therapy

Zoe attends physical therapy regularly, as it helps her in strengthening her muscles. The therapy has helped her a lot, as the breaking of bones has become less frequent than it once was.

Despite The Odds…

Despite the odds, this little kid still manages to brighten up her parents moods by playing with her 3-year-old brother, as they both enjoy baking, painting and playing together!


Her Mum Stated…

The proud mum revealed that, "Zoe is a social butterfly with all of the other kids. She doesn't notice any differences that they see and she will make friends with everyone that she meets."

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