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Awkward Acts Of Politicians Caught On Camera!

When a person becomes famous, their lives are no more considered to be private. Every move of theirs is watched by the media; and their love life and daily chores become the talk of the news hours!

Amidst all these, there are those images of these politicians that steal away the limelight. These pictures of politicians being clicked at the right and awkward moments can lighten up any serious atmosphere.

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Check out some of the most hilarious and funny pictures of politicians caught in bizarre positions!


Sleeping Beauties!

We bet, these politicians would have been the backbenchers during their college days!


Rahul Doing His Best!

Rahul Gandhi who is famous for all the negative limelight, is seen dozing off at the Parliament, as he must have been awake watching 'POGO'!


Rahul Loves Posing!

This picture of him carrying an empty plastic bucket has gone viral. Apparently, he did lift the bucket to only pose for the picture!


Is The Content Really Right?

This picture is known for all the wrong reasons, as it makes a common man wonder what exactly does the politician wish to define!


The Actual Reaction!

Even though the politicians claim to love the people of this country, they cannot tolerate the love they get from the common man; and this image totally defines that!


Wonder What Was She Running Away From!

Sheila Dixit is seen trying to run away from a situation! Guess this is what the politicians generally do!

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This Pic Was All Over The Net…

Amar Singh's reaction makes us realise that it's all about monkey world!


The Cake-Maker Was Unaware Of Her Actual Age!

Oops! The cake-maker guys were surely unsure about Shiela Dixit's right age!


Break Time!

Our politicians are known for two famous things. 1: For SLEEPING and 2: EATING!


Kejriwal Loves What He Is Doing!

This awkward picture of Kejriwal scratching is privates has gone viral for all the wrong reasons!

Wish to see more of this? Do share your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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