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Anatomical Tattoo Designs That Will Churn You Up For Sure!

Most of us love tattoos. Flaunting the tattoo is a proud moment, as it shows how cool we are. But what happens when the tattoos turn scary, as they look too real to even believe?

This is something that has happened in a few of the cases mentioned below.

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Check out some of the most scariest anatomical tattoos that people have got inked in the recent times. These are the tattoos that make us wonder what could have been going on in the minds of the artist and the tattoo owner.

This is creativity at its best, we must agree, as the artists have kept the designs as natural looking as possible.

Read on to know more about these interesting yet weird tattoo designs that people have got inked.


He Is Wearing His Heart On His Chest!

This guy surely loves to flaunt his heart tattoo, and it looks so impressive. This tattoo looks very pretty and not scary though! All thanks to the flowers that have toned down the image!


Unzipped Foot & Arm!

Why people, why? Why would you do this? Were they drunk when they decided to get this creepy tattoo done? Damn whatever, this piece of art looks so real, that one can actually faint by having a mere glance at it!


This Scary Hand Tattoo Will Creep You Out!

This tattoo will scare anybody to death! But, we're glad our anatomy is not as scary as this tattoo is! Luckily, there are no such big tubes that are present in the hand.


Fashionable Brain That Would Vanish Away!

This tattoo of brain would play hide and seek all the time. Its visibility is based on the haircut this person has! Crazy, isn't it??

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She Knows How To Flaunt Her Backbone!

This tattoo is perfect for those who are hurt by the saying "get a backbone"! This tattoo design is so perfect and we wonder how many hours the artist actually took to create this masterpiece.


Hopefully, People Will Give Up Smoking After Seeing This!

When a person would look at this tattoo, it will surely put them off from smoking, especially when they see the lungs rise and fall all day long! We're still finding an answer for why he got this tattoo inked though!


Muscle Man

This tattoo only makes you wonder how detailed the artist is and how many hours have gone into making his arm look this perfect and real.

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Story first published: Friday, January 13, 2017, 17:25 [IST]
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