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Why Women Are Given Plates & Men Trophies?

It is a great thing to watch Wimbledon championships; and when it is our favourite player who is playing, it's a boon! Amidst all this excitement have you ever noticed that the Wimbledon championship has different trophies for men and women?

Women are given a plate, while the men flaunt a trophy cup! But, why so? Is Wimbledon being gender discrepant or is the event being biased towards women by giving them a plate!

We are here to clear your doubt, as this is something that will strike every reader's mind when they read this article.

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So, check out the main reason as to why women are gifted plates during the Wimbledon championships. Let the confusion be finally cleared!

History Of Wimbledon Championship

The first ever Wimbledon championship was held in the year 1877. It consisted of only one event and that was of Gentleman's singles, and there was no question of women being awarded, as women never played.

The Change Started In 1884

First ever invitation was given to female players to participate in the event during the Men's Doubles competition in the same year.

First Female Players

Two sisters named Maud Watson and her elder sister Lilian Watson played the game. Maud defeated her sister in the event.

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Venus Rosewater Dish

The plate that we have been talking about is called the "Venus Rosewater Dish". Sounds bizarre, right? This plate was not introduced until the year 1886, but was not awarded until the first Women's Wimbledon Championship.

But Why Venus Rosewater?

It is a ceremonial platter that was used in England, back in the 19th century. It was used to hold the rosewater that was poured on the hands to wash them after eating a meal in the medieval England.

What Does The Plate Have?

The decorations on the plate are inspired by the mythologies that date centuries back in history. The centre of the plate has a sophrosyne, which is also known as Goddess Venus, who is holding a lamp on the right and a jug on the left.

But Why Does The Plate Have All This?

The reason revolves around the traditions that were followed in the Brit colony back in the 19th century, where a woman's power was linked to the daily household activities she performed. And which is why, women are given plates as awards.

Guess, we finally found the answer to the question that most of us have had. If you have any comments on the same, then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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