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Why Doesn't IRCTC Allow To Choose Seats?

Travelling is fun and getting your favourite seat is icing on the cake. But, what if you are not allowed to choose your seat, even when you do a prior booking?

Here, we are about to discuss the question as to why IRCTC does not let you choose seats. For those who do not know what "IRCTC" is, it is "Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation".

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In Indian railways, one is not allowed to choose a seat according to their choice, but are instead allotted by IRCTC alone. There are many theories that a common man has for this question; but we are here to clear the air.

Find out the actual reasons that are as mentioned below...

IRCTC Is Designed In A Unique Pattern...

IRCTC ticket-booking software is designed in such a way that it will book tickets in a manner which will help to distribute the load evenly in a train.

Booking Starts With Mid-berth

To maintain a balance, the ticket booking starts from the mid-berth initially; and when all the bogies get filled, it moves on to the other seats.

Proper Balance Is Maintained

The Railways just wants to ensure that a proper balance is maintained in each coach and also the fact that the train should have an equal load distribution.

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Reason Why You Should Maintain Balance

Imagine when the train takes a turn, there are some coaches that face maximum centrifugal force and a few experience minimum force. This can create a high chance of derailment of the train.

Age And Gender Priority

The lower berths are either booked or reserved for women and senior citizens, while the men and young boys are alloted the upper berth. Well, this does make sense!

Well, these are the reasons as to why people are not allowed to choose seats in IRCTC. If you have any views on this, then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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