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When Donald Trump's Life Was In Danger

With the US elections round the corner, there are various attempts made by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to get the media attention towards them. But, is Donald Trump's life really in danger?

Check out how Donald Trump was whisked away immediately after the rumours started that a protester had a gun with him.

Various blogs and newspapers stated that the American presidential election nominee Donald Trump's life was threatened by an unknown protester during his rally in Reno, Nevada. But really? Was this staged up in an attempt to gain more votes? Did the man really have a gun with him?

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The reason could be that Mr. Donald Trump got back on stage within minutes after the protester was arrested. Now, this can make one think if he really is dedicated to his job or was it just a way to gain media's attention?

Well, on the other hand, the man who was arrested is known to be a peace lover and his sign board had ''Republican Party against Donald Trump" written on it!

So, check out how the secret service agents made a dramatic exit by rushing Trump off the stage.

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After this, Mr. Donald Trump gave a speech, in which he said, "I would like to thank the United States Secret Service and the law enforcement resources in Reno and the state of Nevada for their fast and professional response".

With the media constantly covering every move of these nominees, we really wish to see who wins, as there would be many changes in the lifestyle of Americans and the other countries which would be affected in some way or the other.

Meanwhile, check out the video in which the drama unfolded...

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