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8 Things That You Can Find From A Person's Eyes


It is well said that eyes are the reflection of what you feel about the other person be it love, hatredness, envy or care. If you love someone, the other person can easily get to know it by looking into your eyes and that's a similar case for hatredness too. You just need to know about some of the facts that you'd need to check in his or her eyes.

After reading this article, you can easily find out what the person feels about you from having a look at his/her eyes. It is also said that eyes can never lie and are always truthful. Eyes also don't keep up with the pace when you lie to someone. You will get caught through the message conveyed by your eyes.

Also, if a person is flirting with you, you can find out by looking into their eyes easily. Similarly, the eyes of a person can tell much about his/her character. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best things that you can find from a person's eyes.

Read on the article, so that next time you know what a person is up to.


You Are In Love

When someone is in love, there is a strange spark in his or her eyes, which shows it all. When you are in love with someone, your pupils tend to dilate and the blinking patterns of your eyes will also tend to change.


You Are Flirting

It is easy to find out if someone is flirting with you through his/her eyes. There will be a strange notorious look in his/her eyes that will match the smile. Eyes of a flirty person make a stern contact with your eyes as well.


You Are Lying

When a person lies, his or her eyes can actually tell the truth. The eyes do not match with the facial expression. You can easily catch a person who is lying. He/she can't make a direct eye-to-eye contact with you.


Hidden Anger

If you are angry with your boss, parents or friends and can't express it. Despite of being silent, your eyes can show your hidden anger. The eyes will seem to be small and red. So, it is better to let off your anger by simply discussing it with the other person.


Hidden Respect

It is well said by someone that the respect for a person can be found in his or her eyes. Respect is to be earned and when it is real, it can be seen in his/her eyes. The person who respects you will never make a direct eye contact with your eyes, if he or she is not that intimate with you.


You Are Addicted To Some Drugs

If a person is taking some drugs or is drunk, you can easily find that out from having a look at his/her eyes. A person who is drunk or is under the influence of some drugs has a shorter and smaller pupil, medically known as a pin-point pupil.


Feeling Of Hatredness

You can also find out if a person is envying you or hates you by having a look at his/her eyes. If you are a sensitive person and have a strong sense, you can easily tell by looking into the eyes of a person whether he or she hates you or loves you. A person who hates you will avoid looking at you with love and he/she will never have a smile for you.


You Are Sick

If a person is not keeping well or is recovering from an illness, you can make it out from his/her eyes. The eyes tend to give a look of being awakened from sleep and they also appear smaller when a person is sick.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 5:00 [IST]
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