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32, 34, 36 What Size Do Men Actually Prefer?

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Guessing the right size of breasts that men prefer has been a big question indeed. There are men who like big bosoms, while a few may love the lemon-sized ones, oh yeah, there are those who love the orange-sized ones too!

Here, in this article, we are about to share some information on what is the actual size that men prefer and what do they love the most.

Breast sizes from 32, 34, 36 are the top most favourites ones we've heard; and women who fall in this category have the perfect weapon to make their partners go weak in the knees.

So, find out more on what is the ideal size of breasts that men enjoy and get ready to finally know the secret!


What Makes Men Love Big Breasts?

It's all mind game. Men love to flaunt about their partners to their friends. Having a woman by their side with large breasts does give them an ego boost, especially to those unsettled guys who feel they've achieved something big. Woah! now that is something we need to think.


What Size Do They Actually Prefer?

Though men love bigger breasts, they generally opt for a short-term relationship and prefer settling down with women who have small, firm breasts. Okay, no comments to men who have been in long-term relationships with women having big bosoms!


Women With Larger Breasts Reveal...

Studies have proved that women with larger, curvier breasts denote the ability to reproduce! Yes, that's the reason why men are so attracted to women who are of size 34 and more.


Breasts Implants Are No Fun...

Here's something we got to know, dear ladies. Men like real stuff and they definitely do not look for "plastic". So, if you've got the real thing, you can be rest assured your man is already satisfied and happy with you!


Boobs Are An Eye Catcher!

No matter how well a gentleman is, he knowingly or unknowingly does check out a woman's breasts. Be it big or small, men simply love them! We wonder what makes them do this? Whatever be the reason, if it's coming from the right man, don't we all love the attention, ladies ;)



There is no accurate answer for which breast size do men prefer. Be it of any size, men have revealed that they mostly look for other things in a girl as well (we mean characteristics, ladies!). So, a big size or a small one does not really matter as long as your man is true and he adores you just the way you are!

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