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The Meanest Things Siblings Have Ever Done

Siblings are the ones who would make our life hell when they are around; however, they are also the ones who make you feel lonely when they are not around. Though our siblings may do a lot of mean things to us, we still yearn for their company.

Also, no matter what happens in our lives, these guys are the ones who get to know our dark secrets first.


Most of us would agree that having siblings is a boon, but again there is nothing better than having sibling fights. These are the little mean fights that give us sweet memories for a lifetime.

Though some are really sweet, there have been a few who have been really mean and have shown some of the worst thingsthat siblings can do.

Here, in this article, we are about to share info on some of the meanest things that siblings have done in their childhood. So, find out more about some of the real interesting and yet disgusting things that siblings do.

Check out these unique things that people have done when they were little kids.


The Tears Of God

"When I was a kid, I had convinced my little sister that every time it rained, God was crying, as she was ugly. You bet she believed it for a while!"


The Lost Dog

"Once Martin was really upset with his younger sister that he put their sweet dog in a bathroom and told her that he'd ran away. She cried rivers for an hour, while Martin was busy playing with their pet in the bathroom."


The Lost Sister

"I was so done with the attention that my little sister got every time that I purposefully made sure that I leave her alone while we went out. Once she was lost for 3 hours, yet I had no regrets."


Memory Game

I convinced my sister to learn Jungle Book title track and made her repeat the words. For every time she missed on her words, I would pluck a hair strand. Apparently, now she hates Jungle Book."


The Leather Bag

"I saw that my dad had got a very cute leather bag for my sister and when she denied me using it, I remember cutting the bag using the blade I had. Well, it's been years now and she has still not forgiven me for doing so."


Dairy Commentator!

"My little sister had the courage to open my secret dairy and read all the little secrets that I had and the worse was, she had the audacity to comment on the side of the dairy with her little knowledge. I still scold her for that."


Claustrophobic Sister!

"All that I needed to do was wrap her in a sleeping bag and then put her in a plastic garbage bin. When she started screaming, I convinced her to calm down. Later, I pushed her down the stairs."


Plastic Snake

"I put a plastic snake in my brother's backpack. When he pulled it out unknowingly, he jumped out in fear and fell down, breaking his elbow."

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