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10 Crazy Things All Engineers Do When In College

By: Padmapreetham Mahalingam
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For the past two decades, half the country's younger population has opted for an engineering degree for its better career prospects and salary packages.

Most of them believe an engineering college can be a cutthroat and unfriendly environment, in which everybody only strives to get better grades and better career options.

However, in reality, engineering is not only about syllabus or just a degree, but there is more to it. College is a life of exploration when it comes to inside and outside of the classroom; and most engineers claim that their college life has been the best days of their lives.

It is 4 years of a crazy roller coaster ride that engineers go through during their college life. Some of them spend the 4 years of college life in doing all kinds of great things,which include taking road trips, having nightouts or getting into a serious relationship with someone.

While on the other hand some engineering students might have even spent a day in jail. So, here are the 10 crazy things that all engineers would have done when in college. If you were one of those, enjoy this nostalgic ride:


Appearing For Exam Without Knowing The Subject

An engineer will finish studying his course outline in one night and then he or she would appear for their semester exam without even knowing the name of the subject.


He learns nothing in 4 years

Engineers portray an image of a skilled professional but in reality a lot of engineers know nothing. The 4-years of college life --includes late night movies, irksome professors and their pointless lectures. Engineers fool the other set of population that s/he has gained a vast set of technical knowledge and practical experience just after graduating from engineering college.


Answer all questions

When it comes to engineers they believe in following their mantra which says, "when there is a question, there is an answer." This is one of the crazy things that engineers do when in college. They are well aware that the answer that they write is nothing but full of nonsense, yet the examiner manages to give them a pass mark.


Make up an answer

When it comes to placement interview, only an engineer understands the fact that no one knows the answer including him yet he manages to artistically make up an answer. Luckily he lands himself a job for how creatively he managed to make up an answer for a question.


Leisure time

Unlike other students, for engineers leisure time or the time to wind down is usually spent finding references for their projects or assignments. These are some of the crazy things all engineers do when in college.


Never relevant for life

You realized a longtime ago that you know nothing. It means your mind is open to everything. You have understood that lessons that you study will definitely be never applied in your life.


Tech fests

Tech fest and cultural fests are important in life. The crazy things that all engineer do when in college is going for tech fests which are important for them than a degree itself.


You think you are a superhero

One of the crazy things that engineer do during college days is practically looking at the computer screen. An engineer only understands the abstruse things. He prefers technical things as it calms his tired mind. Interestingly after going through school work, the demanding pressure of professors and parents and with no sleep, he finally emerges as an engineer. And this makes him feel that he is a superhero.


Eat parathas at 3A.M.

Every engineering college has a cafeteria which sells good paratha and maggi along with a nice cup of tea even in the wee hours of the night. Engineering students usually go to these food joints to discuss topics relatively interesting to them which includes girls, academics, sports and nagging professors.


Cut copy paste

Engineering students use the college Wi-fi not to download movies or sitcoms but to get through their projects, assignment or presentations. Engineers copy data as a convenience to save their ass and also to get away from their irritating professors

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