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6 Ways To Clear Negative Energy

The moment you enter a room and feel negativity around you, then you need to check on how to remove the negative energy at home in an easy way.

Or have you had an argument with somebody and you felt tension in the air, then there is something really negative around you!

It's important to learn tricks and techniques on how to dissolve, transmute and remove these negative energies, as it can affect your health and quality of life.

Check out this article, as we are about to share some tips on how you could get rid of the negative energy from your house.

You can try these tricks, as they really work and help erase the negative energy away from you.



Burning incense, sage, mugwort, and sandalwood sticks helps to get rid of the negative energy. Burn some sage and let the smoke get to every corner of your house. This helps to get rid of the negative energy.



It is believed that ringing of bells vibrates the negative energies into alignment and creates a positive flow. When there is a negative situation, all you need to do is just ring the bell.


Salt Water Baths

This is one of the best ways to remove the negative energy from your house. All you need is unprocessed salt. Add it in your bath tub and relax for a while. This helps remove the negative energy around you.



Keeping crystals helps to dispel, absorb and remove the negative energy from your house. You can wear them in the form of jewellery or use them as an accessory to keep away from negativity.


Essential Oils

Essential oils help to get rid of the negative energies and help in promoting positivity. It has the power to transform a current mood and bring in positivity around you. One can choose from any of the essential oils that are easily available in the market.



Wondering how this is also helpful? Generally, yawning is considered to be a sign of boredom or discontentment. But do you know that it actually helps in removing the negative energy from your body when you do it? Yes, we are as surprised as you are!

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Story first published: Friday, October 28, 2016, 17:55 [IST]
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