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Reach Out To These Amazing Christmas Party Games This Year 2016!

By Ajanta Sen

Whether it is a birthday party, Christmas party or a New Year party, games are always an interesting way to break the ice between the guests and unite everyone. The article emphasizes on some tricky games to have in your latest Christmas party at your place. To know more about the interesting Christmas party games, continue reading!

The more you can be creative with your game ideas, the more you can attract and amuse your guests and have a successful Christmas party with family and friends. Given below are some innovative and attention-grabbing game ideas for your Christmas party, which will make your Christmas Eve a memorable one:


20 Questions Game

Christmas party games could not get better than this. In this game, the one who will answer has to choose a Christmas object but he has to keep it a secret. The questioners have to ask questions to the answerer and the answerer should reply in "Yes/No". Questioners can ask 20 questions in one round for one object, if they can't guess it, they get a new round with a different object. Questions should be simple and tricky to get the best answer which can help the questioners to guess the particular object. For example, if the object is a Christmas tree, the questioners can ask questions like- Is it blue?, Is it Green? etc, and the answerer will reply "No", "Yes" etc., and this way the questioners can move forward to guess the final and correct answer.


Memory Game

Take 16 cardboard pieces of the same shape (square or rectangle). Draw 8 different Christmas pictures (like Santa, Christmas tree) on 8 cardboard pieces. Draw duplicate of each card on the remaining 8 cards. Put the cards on a table with 4 rows and put 4 cards in each row. This way, you will get 4 rows and 4 columns. Now, ask a player to select a card and thereafter pick another one to match it with the first card. If the player can get the match, he gets a point and can play again. If he can't, the next participant gets turn. This way, the game moves forward. The participant with maximum number of points wins the game.


“Guess the Ornament” Game

Hang some ornaments on the Christmas tree which you have placed at your entrance. Ask your friends and guests to guess the number of ornaments hanging on the tree. Ask each person to note down their guess on a paper. For example, there are 40 ornaments on your tree, the one who writes a number equal to or close to that exact number will win.


Guess What Is Inside The Stocking

Take a stocking and put some haphazard stuff in it. When it is full, just tie it with a string or ribbon, so that nobody can peep into it. Ask everyone to sit in a circle and pass it on to each person one by one. Ask them to guess the stuff by touching the stocking. Each person can write down their guesses on a paper. The one who succeeds in guessing the most accurate things, wins the game. The winner can also take all the content that was put inside the stocking.


Christmas Charade

Make teams and ask one person from every team to enact. The person who will enact cannot speak; however, they can show gestures to express the letters. If any of the other teams can guess the correct word, they win 1 point. The team with the maximum number of points becomes the winner.


Pictionary – Guess The Song Game

Divide the participants into teams. Keep a few cards on a table. One person from each team has to pick a card and demonstrate a particular song by drawing a picture on the card related to that song. The song can be a Christmas carol or any movie song. Once the team guesses the song and everybody in the team starts singing together, they win one point. The team in which each member has drawn a picture and guessed the song correctly finally wins the game.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 22, 2016, 10:45 [IST]
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