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Ouch! This Is What Girls Think While Making Love

By Staff

Things get steamy and hot while you make love and there are various thoughts that your partner would get while they are under you! Have you ever wondered what a girl thinks while making love?

Well, there are thousands of thoughts that go on in a girl's mind while she is making love with her partner. Some are ridiculously funny and some can make you realise that she is just plain bored, but is pretending however to enjoy the act.

We're sure these are the thoughts that every girl would get at some point during the steamy sessions. So, find out about the interesting thoughts that girls get while they are making love.

Girls out there are going to giggle and laugh hard while reading these thoughts, while the curious men might find it hard to believe on the kinds of thoughts women make love with. Have a hearty laugh and enjoy :)


Thought #1

Wait! Does he really want me to believe that it is BIG?? Well, sorry I can't let go of the moment, so I just better nod my head!!


Thought #2

Hold on!! Take your hand off my tummy! We've just had a heavy dinner. Then guides the hand to the butt section or elsewhere!


Thought #3

Okay! Is he really in or am I supposed to fake throughout this not-so-happening session! Ohh, Lord! Wish I had examined him before the act.


Thought #4

I am wondering why on earth are my boobs kissing my armpits! Oh lord, I need to make them firm sooner!


Thought #5

Okay, once he's done, I am gonna ask him to use the other bathroom, as I don't wish to share mine!


Thought #6

Whao! I guess I underestimated his power to make me feel great! Wish this goes on and on.... FOREVER...


Thought #7

Ohh, Lord! Can he stop breathing heavily in my ear! It sucks dude!


Thought #8

Damn! My cat is watching our act! I can't make love while she is watching over me... So, Stopp pleaseee...


Thought #9

Can we change positions and act like we are porn stars? Well, I am bored of the missionary position!


Thought #10

Wait! Was there an onion string that got stuck to my mouth? Okay, I ain't kissing him for the rest act!


Thought #11

Maybe I need to moan a little bit more... so that he gets off sooner. I am bored already!


Thought #12

Let's take a break please!! I am not able to hold the pressure any longer and might end up farting! So, please stop!


Thought #13

That was it??!?? Noooo... He cannot sleep in the mid way! Guess we need to buy pills the next time!

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