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Here's Why Toilet Papers Are Being Replaced By Water?

There are many reasons that Indians can be proud of and to add on an extra feather in the cap is that the world is taking a cue from India and replacing the toilet paper with water! Yes, you read that right!

This is a fast-trending change that the world is seeing and adapting to the new change. This is something all Indians will be proud of and will even be quite relieved, as using toilet papers is not that "SATISFYING".

As globlisation affects the world's economy, it is affecting our very own private lives. Our world is increasingly growing towards integration in the toilets as well.

There have been times when the world would judge a person on what they actually use in the toilet and that is quite disturbing! Now, seems like everything is changing and it is changing for the better!

Check out the reasons as to why the whole world is readily accepting the new change of replacing toilet paper with water...

It Is Just Not The Indians!
Even the sub-continent countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal have been using water to clean their nether regions.

Even The Rest of Asia!
Though this is not a known fact, but people in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia also are following the washing practice. Though some places have both options of water as well as tissues, they are more used to water due to the hygiene factor!

What About China?
China was one of the first countries to manufacture toilet tissue, they do have options to use both toilet papers as well as water.

Japan Has Its Own Style!
Japan has the most high-tech automatic bum-washing toilets. This is one of the best ways to accept the fact that nothing is better than cleaning yourself with water!

European And South American Countries Follow Suit!
Be it Spain, Portugal and Italy or the American countries like Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, they are all happily accepting the concept of using water in the washroom.

Do You Think USA Is Behind?
No way! How could they be behind! They have transitioned into the far more hygienic use of cleaning their behinds with water. They introduced moistened toilet paper before making public toilets handy with bidets and bum showers!

Guess letting people wash their behinds is gaining its popularity everywhere these days! Are you happy with this change? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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