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Her Partner Blindfolded Her For A Surprise And This Happened...

This is a story of a woman who embarrassed her party guests while she was left with a red face. Check out the hilarious story of the woman who had quite a memory to remember for a lifetime!

This is an incident that had happened when a woman was having a surprise birthday party that was thrown by her partner; and the poor lady was blindfolded not knowing that people were around her.

She had feasted on a full plate of beans and had entered the room, while her husband had blindfolded her.

What happened next is for you to know. Check out the unfolding of this funny yet embarrassing story of the woman who thought she was all alone!


Scene #1

It was her birthday and her partner had decided to surprise her with a dinner party.


Scene #2

She was blindfolded while she was being let inside the dining hall.


Scene #3

Since the woman had eaten a plate full of beans, she was feeling uneasy and quite bloated.


Scene #4

The man got a call and had to go out, while the woman promised him not to open the blindfold, she did "something" thinking she was all alone in the room.


Scene #5

She felt this was the right time for her to fart (OOPS) and she bombarded the hall with her poisonous farts, which obviously smelled like fertilisers!


Scene #6

He returned to only unfold her blindfold and WHAT! All that she saw was her entire family sitting around the dining table to wish her with their mouths, and probably noses, closed.


Scene #7

The poor woman was so embarrassed and that was the last time she ever had beans!

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Story first published: Monday, October 17, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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