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Ever Wondered Why Japanese Celebrate Doll Festival?

There are many festivals that are followed in Japan. Some are really weird and some are simply wow! One such is the doll festival and it is celebrated every year in Japan.

But why do people celebrate this festival? Is there any specific reason for this doll festival? Let's find out all about this unique doll festival.

This Japanese festival is known as Hina-Matsuri and it is celebrated on 3rd of March, every year. Generally, this festival is celebrated by Japanese families that are blessed with daughters.

Find out more about this interesting Japanese doll festival.......

Why Is It Celebrated?
It is celebrated for health and happiness of the girls in a family. During this festival, the families set up a special step-altar to arrange their emperor and empress dolls.

Origin Of This Festival
Dolls are kept on a display on 3rd of March every year. This tradition of celebrating the doll festival started in the Edo period, i.e., between 1603 and 1868.

Special Doll On This Day...
A special doll named "Ishimatsu" is made for the kids on this day. Apart from this, various different types of dolls are also made on this festival.

Entire Nation Celebrates...
Almost every single family celebrates this festival. Before the festival starts, the dolls are draped in red cloth and are decorated and placed on an altar.

Dolls Are Made Of...
Doll-making is one of the major occupations that people follow in the Japanese cities. The dolls are made using wood, paper and cloth.

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