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Ever Wondered Why Number 13 Is Unlucky?

By: Rima Chowdhury

Have you ever wondered why is number 13 considered to be an unlucky number?

Everybody wants to escape the number 13 written behind their jersey. They might hang upon the number 11, 12, 14 or 15, but never choose 13 even in their wildest of dreams.

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Some people are so terrified with this number that they even reject to sit on a table that is placed in the thirteenth place or row.

Ever thought why the number 13 is related to bad luck? Well, here are the possible reasons behind this popular myth. Take a look.


1. The Last Supper

It's said that Judas Iscariot - the person who betrayed Jesus was the 13th person at the last supper. Jesus had just 12 disciples at the last supper; but at the decisive moment, the count increased it to 13. This was the same moment when Jesus was betrayed, which led to his crucifixion.


2. The Gallows

The gallows is the place where a person is hanged. It is believed that there are 13 steps which lead a person to Gallow, the place where he takes the last breath of his life.


3. Covens

A coven refers to a group of witches who are always thirteen in number. The bad luck associated with this concept is so much that a group who has 13 members is often called as a coven.


4. The Perfect 12

It is said that 12 is the ideal number in the numeric world because we have 12 months, 12-hour clock and 12 zodiac signs too. A single number addition can ruin your destiny because we can never have 13-hour clock, 13 months and 13 zodiac signs.

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5. All The Bad Names Are Associated With 13 Letters

May it be Jack Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy or Charles Manson, all the evil names in the history have 13 letters in their name. Is this just a coincidence or luck?


6. Apollo 13

Apollo 13 is the only unsuccessful moon mission which is believed to be unlucky to the number 13 in its tag. The oxygen cylinder exploded, and it was quite difficult for astronauts to survive in the space. However, they returned safely.


7. The Massive Destruction

According to the history, the Nazis bombed the Buckingham Palace on September 13, 1940. It was the time when the royal family was having tea and suffered a loss soon after.

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8. Jesus Was Crucified On The 13th

Many Christians believe that Jesus was killed on Friday, and the date was possibly 13th. It was predicted that the date was something like Friday, April 13th, 33 A.D.


9. Kids And The Scary 13

It is said that children officially become teen at the age of thirteen, which is believed to be a scary phase. We suppose, you know how scary a teenage period is!


10. The Plane Crash

The date was 13th when Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 infamously crashed in the Andes, which led to the death of 29 people. It was the same day when 174 people died when a Soviet Aeroflot crashed in a lake, which was just a kilometer from the runway.

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