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Ever Wondered Why Dogs Run Behind Moving Vehicles?

Have you ever wondered why dogs run behind moving vehicles? Or do you find dogs bark at people who are walking around or even at the poor beggars? Yes, these questions may have cropped up in our minds; however, we may not seem to find an answer.

So, here, in this article, we are about to share some of the reasons as to why dogs actually bark. When dogs generally bark at new strangers, it is a way they show that the person is not invited in their territory.

Apart from this, there are various other reasons that can be true for a dog to turn furious and run behind moving vehicles and pedestrians who are just walking on the road.

From the reasons that are mentioned below, the dog may either be feeling hungry or just bored! Being a pet-lover, we would definitely want to check the actual reasons for it as well, right?


They Have Their Borders!

Generally, dogs are territorial animals and they have their own territories. It is just the way we humans have. They expand their territories by urinating on trees, cars and other vehicles in their area. When a dog finds a vehicle that has urine of any other dog, which does not belong to its territory, it can infuriate this dog further, as it'll tend to not accept any other dog from the other territory. We know it sounds silly, but that's how dogs think!



Dogs usually get excited very fast and are curious in nature. Since moving vehicles perk up these instincts, their urge to chase those vehicles increases suddenly, and they end up running behind these vehicles. It is believed that although some dogs do it due to their share of bad experience with a driver, there are a few out there who are just very excited all the time and do it simply to kill time!



As dogs are very social animals, they become lonely when they are left outside alone at night. Howling is one way a dogs generally expresses its loneliness. Apart from this, the other reason to bark is just an attempt to get human attention!


Sound Sensitivity

Dogs have extra-sensitive hearing and smelling capability. They can hear the sound that a general human cannot hear. So, if they find any sound or any smell, which is unlikely, they would react to it by barking.


For Protection

Since dogs are protective by nature, it is protective about its own territory. The dog barks to let others know that something is approaching; and by barking, it makes the predator aware of its presence.

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