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Does The Colour Of Lingerie Speak About Your Personality?

By Rima Chowdhury

Aren't we always behind our zodiac signs when it comes to revealing our secret traits and to know our characteristics?

But, fortunately, even your lingerie can show the kind of person you are. Yup, you read that exactly right!

Now, a woman has moved on from white, cream or black lingeries, and women are on a spree to pick up underwears from yellow hue to orange one.

They pick up whatever attracts them.

It seems celebrities are responsible for changing the nation's taste when it comes to picking up lingerie from different colours and brands.

Earlier, all women were obsessed with just nude or white shades, but now this is not just a matter of choice.

A person can predict the personality of a lady from the colour of lingerie she opts to wear over her body.

Oooo, sounds interesting, right? So, read on, dear ladies, to know what your hidden traits are ;)


1. Pink

Pink is already associated as a fresh colour, and when it comes to pink lingerie, these girls are shy and polite. Woman wearing pink lingerie seem to have a slightly naughty side from the inside, but they prefer to be silent and shy at first meet. They are cute, polite and down to earth. Girls wearing pink lingerie are the best persons to be trusted.


2. White

While most of the women over 30's or 40's prefer wearing white lingerie, it shows a delicate side of their personality. Woman wearing white lingerie believe in the inner beauty rather than being dependant on the outer appearance. These women believe in being sexy at a right time and the right place. Woman wearing white lingerie are open-minded, straight forward but sometimes boring.


3. Red

Red is the colour of sensuality and woman who prefer to wear red lingerie prefer boosting their sexy and seductive side. Woman wearing red lingerie tend to carry a sexual attitude and they are the ones looking for a physical relationship. This woman knows the power of her body and hits it back wearing the right kind of lingerie. Red lingerie wearers are full of confidence, and they are sort of good on the bed as well.


4. Purple

Purple lingeries are hard to find, but there are many girls who go crazy over this coloured lingerie. Purple wearers carry a simple yet stylish side, and they prefer luxury things. They opt for choosing a rare kind of collection and are introvert by nature. Purple lingerie is often associated with royalty and sophistication.


5. Black

In cotton or silk, after white colour woman prefer wearing black coloured lingerie. Woman wearing black undergarments opt to show off their cuts and body. They are the ones who know how to arouse a person without investing much on other things. Black lingerie wearers are the ones known to be searching for a long-time partner and they love to get emotionally and physically attracted to their partners. They are emotional birds!


6. Yellow

This is one among the rare coloured lingeries, but a woman who wears this is indicated to be a real and transparent personality. You can trust yellow underwear wearers, as they are true from the outside as well as from the heart. They are away from controversy, but are a kind-hearted person.


7. Nude or Cream

After white and black, nude colour is mostly preferred by women. Woman wearing nude coloured lingerie do not adapt quickly to the environment, and they are very rigid with their decision. However, they are straight-forward people and avoid getting into celebration or gathering. Nude lingerie wearers are lonely and they choose to stay away from people.


8. Blue

One among the rare colour, blue lingerie wearers are high on fashion and style every day. They prefer having a long-term relationship and value their friendship a lot. They are helpful women with a sensitive nature and heart. They are very playful in bed too.

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