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Bizarre Beauty Practices From Around The World

They say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; but then, do you know there are many women out there who undergo a lot of pain just to look beautiful? Well, we are talking of some of the weird beauty practices that are followed around the world.

Well, these are quite painful processes that generally women undergo when it comes to looking beautiful.

Sometimes, makeup is not the only thing that is required to look beautiful and these beauty practices can make one realise how much pain a girl can actually go through when it comes to looking beautiful.

Find out about some of the most interesting beauty practices that women undergo and follow to just look beautiful.

Read on to know more about these weird beauty practices that are followed around the world.



This is nothing but a double or a multi-layered tooth, which is a dental procedure where the canine teeth are capped temporarily or permanently. This is done on the upper teeth to create a fanged look. This has been a common practice in Japan.


Long Neck

This has been a common practice among the girls in Thailand. They put a brass coil around the necks of the kids and more coils are added every year. This is practised to increase the length of the neck. A long neck is regarded as elegant and beautiful in this region.



People in Mauritania prefer women who are plus-sized. Hence, young women are traditionally force-fed or extreme methods are used to put on weight by taking in drugs to stimulate the appetite.


Lip Plate

This custom has been a symbol of beauty and sexual maturity. The women in Ethiopia add plates or discs in their bottom lips to stretch them out. This is done to make their pouts appear large.



People in Maasai, Kenya, think that the more stretched a person's earlobes are, the more beautiful they would look. Elephant tusks, thorns and stones are used for the ear piercings.


Foot Binding

Foot binding is also known as lotus feet. In China, it is a sign of a woman's social status and beauty. Hence, they would bind the feet of young girls, so that they do not grow further.


Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Makeup highlighting and contouring are not enough for women in Iran who opt for cosmetic nose surgeries. This country has become the nose job capital of the world. The second and third countries are South Korea and the United States, respectively.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 6, 2016, 17:20 [IST]
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