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Animals & Their Sleeping Patterns!

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When we look at our pets or any animal across the road sleeping for long hours the only thing that strikes to our mind is that the animal is so lucky and has such a tension-free life! Yes, we all feel they are really lucky to be sleeping for long hours.

Well, it is a fact that ALL animals are tension free when compared to we humans who are constantly stressed and sleep for just a few hours.

Here, in this article, we are about to share the list of animals that sleep for the longest and also about those animals that sleep the least.

Find out more about some of the interesting facts on which animal sleeps the longest and which sleeps the least. And also get to know about the number of hours an animal gets to sleep.

Check the list below, as we're sure you are going to envy them for the number of hours that they can actually sleep, read on.



It is the longest sleeping animal! A koala can sleep for 22 hours at a stretch! Okay, now this is something hard to digest! This comprises of 91.7% of the entire day!



A sloth can sleep for 20 hours in a day! WHATT, somebody kill us! These guys are having such a wonderful life, ain't it!


Giant Armadillo

The average sleep time of a "Giant Armadillo" is 18.1 hours! This comprises of 75.4% of the entire day! Lucky animals!!



The average sleep time of an Opossum is 18 hours! This comprises of 70% of the entire day!



A Lemur can sleep for 16 hours at a stretch! Ohh, man this is making us feel so jealous already.



Do you know that a squirrel has an average sleep time of 14.9 hours! Well, it is 62% of the entire day that they sleep!



An hamster can sleep for 14 hours at a stretch! Aww, no wonder this cutie pie looks so adorable and well rounded!



A lion can sleep at a stretch for 13 hours. Damn, the king of the jungle sleeps little less compared to the other animals. Well, they don't call him a King for no reason!

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