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What Makes A House Feel Haunted

By Debdatta Mazumber

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”- there are lots of controversy regarding Hamlet’s statement to Horatio. It is a debatable issue whether ghosts exist or not, but many people has sensed something abnormal around themselves which don’t have any logical explanations. There are stories and myths which state that ghosts exist. And when they make a house their dwelling place, it becomes haunted.

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You must have read stories about haunted houses and also seen movies. But how would it be if you face suchexperiences in your life? Scary, isn’t it? There are certain things that make a house feel haunted. If you have ideas about those, you can take right decision whether to leave the house or to perform some holy rituals to get rid of any supernatural existence.

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What really makes a house feel haunted? Actually, it is not something like you can see ghosts or apparitions to know your house is haunted. It is some kind of eerie feelings; some incidents which are not in order tell you that there is something wrong. May be you can’t find any rational explanations to those happenings. But when those happen, you get scared. So, what really makes a house feel haunted?


1. Strange Noises

This is one of the things that make a house feel haunted. Sometimes, you may hear footsteps on stairs, or rumbling sounds at roof. There are descriptions of whispering or sounds of grumbling. If you experience anything like this, consider shifting elsewhere right now.


2. Abnormal Animal Behaviour

It is said that animals are sensitive to the paranormal world. They can feel and even see apparitions which human can't. So, if you notice any abnormal activities in your pets (dogs, cats etc.) at certain part of your house or at certain time, there must be something creepy happening.


3. Unusual Electronics Disorder

What really makes a house feel haunted? Have you noticed several time that the lights and fans are turned on or off automatically? Is your television changing channels by itself? Are you listening to any unusual voice from a silent radio? No doubt you're living in a haunted house.


4. Unusual Smell

Paranormal researchers suggest this as a very important sign of having ghosts around. May be you get any smell of unusual perfume or smell of foods or smoke that comes from nowhere. It can be because of some mystic existence.


5. Things Get Misplaced

Are you searching for things that that have mysteriously been misplaced? This is a very common phenomenon. Experts say that this is the action of poltergeists. These are the noisy ghosts who throw utensils, break mirrors and create utter disturbances.


6. Strange Apparitions

This is the absolute sign that makes your house haunted. You may see strange shadows, or a fading light that forms a human impression in air. If you try to get a picture, you may not see anything. Do you understand what really makes a house feel haunted?


7. Unexplained Feelings

Have you ever felt that someone is watching you always? Or have reccuring nightmares of a ghost or witch trying to harm you? If you have recurrent nightmares or any sign that is not normal, believe that there is someone who is trying to contact you.

What really makes a house feel haunted? These are things that make the environment of your house uncanny. Often people say they have experienced these, but some are there who don't believe any paranormal activities. But it is also not proved yet that ghosts don't exist. So, if you ever experience anything like this, don't take any risk to live in that house.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 22:02 [IST]
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