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Things People Donate Other Than Money


In India, there are a lot of charity places where one could go and donate anything they feel like. By anything we mean money, clothes and food.

Around the world, these kind of donations are practiced as well along with other weird things. According to a new source, it is believed that in one part of the world healthy poop is donated for medicinal purposes, likewise urine too.

Apart from these two grose things you can donate, blood is the second most important and wise thing for you to give to those who need.

If your looking at some of the things you want to donate this year, take a look at the weird things people donate to others just so they can live a healthy and fulfilling life.

FYI: These kind of donations are explicit and one of a kind, so you will be shocked out of your wits.

Poop - In some parts of the world poop is donated to those who are in dying need of it. The process is called, 'Fecal Microbiota Transplant', whereby a donor's healthy poop gets strained, added to a solution, and given to a matching patient. The healthy poop is often referred to as probiotics, just like curd.

Urine - Did you know urine or number one is of top priority for some people who are willing to do anything to lose weight. For example, Dutch scientists ran a project to collect the urine of pregnant women to study fertility-and make money selling an extract as a weight-loss supplement.

Hair - If you want to donate your lovely tresses to those who don't have, there are multiple saloons who welcome this kind of donations. In most parts of the world people donate their beautiful hair to those who don't have any! Kind of sweet, right?

Blood - One of the other things you can donate other than money is blood. A million blood banks have opened up around the globe, so if you want to lend someone a helping hand in time of need, get your blood tested and donate some.

Tumors - You don't have to wait until death to donate your parts to science. That is, if you have a little extra part growing somewhere in or on you like a tumour, you can help donate that extra flesh or thing to medical history. This again is one of the many things you can donate other than money.

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