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10 Things A Dog Teaches Us About Life

By Anirudh Narayanan

Dogs are perhaps the most loyal of pets. Dog owners swear by how it is a part of their life, much like family. They make faces, they rip your shoes apart, they take a dump in the middle of the living room, but they are lovable nonetheless. They are always there for you to cuddle when you need it badly. They follow you around like a shadow and nod as if they understood what you're speaking about, whenever you say something. A dog teaches us a lot about life and living on the whole. We realise it much later in our lives though.


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A dog is compassionate, funny, lazy, attentive, faithful and so many other things. It is said that they remember people for a very long time just by a sniff. Many a times dogs even sniff out sadness of their masters. During these times they just sit and look at their master. There are so many things that we can learn from a dog. It's quite unbelievable, yet true.

Read on and find out what a dog teaches us about life.


Be Compassionate

Nowadays we are so busy that even if we see our loved ones upset, we don't bother asking if everything is fine most of the times. But on the other hand what a dog teaches us about life is that it is important to hang around, even if you can't say a word [dogs don't speak, remember?] , when your loved ones are upset.


Live In The Spectacular Now

We can learn so many things from a dog. For example, living in the spectacular now. Dogs always enjoy themselves whether they are eating, playing or taking a dump. A dog makes us understand that living in the moment is important for a stress free life.


Grudges Aren't Worth It

Dogs never hold grudges. It is a different story though if you gave it a biscuit laced with sedatives! Another life lesson from dogs that humans have to inculcate in their life is to not hold grudges. Be forgiving, because hatred never won over hatred. Only love conquered hatred.


Material Things Don't Really Matter

Dogs are happy when you play fetch with it. A ball, frisbee or even a stick keeps it in high spirits. What a dog teaches us here about life is that we don't need a lot of stuff to keep us happy. Detach yourself from things you don't need. You will lead a far better life, one that is stress-free and filled with happiness.


Love Thyself

In this world perfection has become the new mantra and the only way to feel loved is by attaining perfection. But you have to learn to love yourself for what you are, instead of comparing yourself with another person. Another essential thing we can learn from a dog is to love ourself for what we are.


Mourn Your Loss But Move On

We lose good people more often than we should. But life waits for none. As they say, the show must go on. You should read about Hachiko or perhaps watch the movie. What Hachiko the dog teaches us is that we should mourn the loss of a loved one but we have to move on for our sake.


Loyalty Is A Choice We Make

Dogs are known as a man's best friend. They are extremely loyal and always protect their master from any danger, even at the cost of its own life. Humans can learn a thing or two from dogs about loyalty.


Love Never Ends

Humans think that one fine day love just ends. It happens whenever a breakup takes place. People just expect the love to dissolve, just like that. But what we can learn from a dog is that love never really ends. The memories remain but that doesn't mean we stop making new memories.


Rest, Stretch, Exercise

Have you seen a dog right after it wakes up, after an amazing nap? It stretches and curls and yawns. They are also known to walk and swim for long distances. A rather important lesson to learn here is that, like a dog you too should stretch and exercise right after a nap. And walking or even swimming, though simple, is a rather effective exercise.


The Journey Of Life

Dogs take in the moment and stick their tongue out, whenever you take them on a ride in the car. They are soaking in the sun and taking in the wind. Human beings, even on a holiday, are busy taking pictures in which they pose and wait to snap the perfect shot. But memories aren't in pictures that you pose or the videos that you take. Memories are created while you're on the journey. It is the road, the sun, the sand, the wind, the friends you have, all the past moments you cherished. So, love your pet and enjoy life on the whole.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 13:30 [IST]
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