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10 Books To Checkout In September 2015

By Samrat Dey

It’s time to check out the latest essentials in the world of books. Some books often have the power to become your best friend though thick and thin.

From classics to contemporary there are hundreds of books that have a long shelf life. Nowadays with tools like Kindle, e-reader and much more the access to books around the globe have become easier.

Be it online shopping or browsing through the pages in a bookstore, knowing the latest releases is always a necessity among the readers. So here’s this month’s book releases to keep the shelf packed and your reading list updated.


1) Blood and Salt:

This Kim Ligget book is about seventeen year old Ash's mother leaving New York City for Quivira, Kansas. She pursues her and there in that small village of Quivira lost in traditional rituals and spiritual communes, sinister events compel Ash to rescue her mother and herself from grips of events. The book also talks about Ash's attraction towards Dane, someone mysterious and with secrets.


2) The Copper Gauntlet (The Iron Trial, Book Two):

Written by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black this book is a part of a five book fantasy series - The Magisterium. With many elements of fantasy fiction, the book talks of Callum Hunt's summer break, his father's suspicion of he being secretly evil and much more.


3) Cut Both Ways:

This book by Carrie Mesrobian is about a high school boy Will Caynes who is stuck between his attractions for his girlfriend Brandy and his best friend who is a guy - Angus. He is unable to decide who to be with ultimately as abandoning someone for the other one would hurt him the most.


4) Dreamland:

A tale of Odea Donahue who can travel through people's dream since she was six years old. She is obedient to the rules of walking her mother taught her - never interfere, never be seen and never walk the same person's dream more than once. A mysterious boy appears in her life and a turn of events leads her to break the rules of walking. This surreal story by Robert L. Anderson is a must read.


5) Library Of Souls:

For those who have read the previous books of the Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series this third instalment to the series by Ransom Riggs will be a collectible. The book features a madman on the loose, Miss Peregrine in danger and a fast paced rescue mission. Do not give it a miss.


6) The Sleeper And The Spindle:

The popular creator of The Sandman Series, American Gods and many other masterpieces Neil Gaiman has spun a new tale that's got a young queen setting out to rescue a princess from enchantment. With a sort of snow white meets sleeping beauty dark fantasy created by best selling author Gaiman and narrative illustrated by Chris Riddell, this is a captivating story.


7) Vengeance Road:

Written by Erin Bowman the book deals with Kate Thompson's journey to seek justice after her father's murder by the Red Rose Gang. The murder takes place for a mysterious journal that tells the location of a gold mine. Disguised as a boy Kate encounters strangers, gets closer to the secrets of her family, the truth about herself and comes to a juncture in life where she must decide if there's any room for love in her hateful heart.


8) Menagerie:

Written by author Rachel Vincent this fictional tale deals with Delilah Marlow's visit to a travelling carnival, Metzger's Menagerie, how she discovers captivity and struggles for freedom.


9) Truest:

The book written by Jackie Lea Sommers is a romantic narrative about Silas Hart's life in Green Lake, a girl called Westlin Beck and Hart's sister who holds a secret.


10) A Whole New World:

This narrative written by Liz Braswell is a different take on the popular Aladdin story with a dark twist. Jafar uses the magic lamp to become a powerful sorcerer and the sultan, a rebellion spearheaded by Aladdin and princess Jasmine against the sultan leads to a civil war, a street rat becomes a leader and a kingdom's torn apart.

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Story first published: Monday, September 14, 2015, 12:33 [IST]
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