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17 Funny And Interesting Facts About Men


We all say that men and women are alike and women say this every time to get the same respect and position as men. But there are a lot of mental differences between men and women.

No men and women can think in a same way as their mental set up is different. Men tend to be more logical and practical as compared to women while as women can become emotional fools easily.

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Men work more logically than women. They have logical thinking while women bring in their emotions and they can't decide properly due to lack of logical thinking. Even if men are not logical they will never express their emotions.

Women communicate better than men. A research shows that the problem solving part in the brain (frontal lobe) present in women is larger than men. So, women can sort out the issues and offer solutions for complex problems.

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We have summed up for you some unknown and funny facts regarding men.


Unfaithful Men

A study has proven that men who are not loyal to their spouses have lower IQs.



An average men almost spend one year of their lives staring at women.



A study shows that half of the women who die because of homicide are killed by their current or ex husbands.



Men lie more than women. They lie 6 times a day which is as twice as women.



Men can suffer from infertility if they put laptop on their laps frequently because of the heat generated from it. The heat destroys the sperms.



A man spends 6 months of his life shaving his face.



A study has shown that men who have attractive wives are highly satisfied with their married lives.


Shaved Head

Men with shaved heads are perceived to be taller and more stronger than the men with hair.



In 1600s men were the first to wear high heels. Women started wearing them later to look more manly and now heels are a sign of feminine look.



By the year 2020, it is expected that china will have almost 40 million men who cannot find wives because of only one child policy.


Slow Walk

A man walks at least 7 percent slower when they are walking with girlfriends and wives. Their walking speed increases when they are walking with other men.



Against the common belief, men do not fart more than women. Studies have shown that women have more flatulence than men.



Men waste thousands of gallons of fuel every year, as they drive along and don't ask for directions easily to anyone.



When a woman wears a clothing and finds out that it has become tight, she assumes that she has put on weight. However, if a men wears a clothing and if it has become tight, he will simply say that the clothing has shrunk.



Men also sweat more as compared to women folk.


Words That Scare Men

Almost all men are scared of these words "We need to talk about our relationship." These words create a fear in their hearts.



Men can be stuck 5 times more by lightning as compared to women.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 29, 2015, 16:00 [IST]
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