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7 Things Girls Do When They Are Upset

By Anirudh Narayanan

We all get upset one time or the other. It might be rational or irrational, but at that moment, it doesn't really matter. The reason, whatsoever, is of minuscule importance. How we react to the problem at hand varies from person to person.

While guys react by trying to find the root cause of the problem during times of distress, girls react quite differently. One important thing to know about girls is that they get much more disturbed and find it difficult to come to terms with things in the short term.

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It is said that even the littlest of things can hurt a girl. But speaking about human psychology, it varies from girl to girl. No two people are similar. It is said that girls are vulnerable in such situations due to hormonal tendencies. That is true to an extent. But it has to be duly noted that in the longer run, girls handle anger, depression and sufferings better than the guys. Maybe, it is nature's way of making them resilient.

Even then, there are similarities in what girls do when they get upset. What do they do? Read and find out.

Music and dance heal everything

Of all the things that girls do, music and dance take the first spot. Everyone loves music or dancing or both. If you don't, you should, as it has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and promote well-being of the individual.

Shop for random stuff

Scientific or not, this one makes every girl feel better instantly. Shopping is a thing that girls indulge in from time to time. It's not about buying something or just window-shopping. It helps them a great extent to relieve stress.

Drowning in chocolates and ice creams

Girls apparently love chocolates and ice creams! How to manage anger or stop being upset? Drown thyself in a bucket of ice cream! Many girls swear by its potential benefits. Must be true.

Gossip with old girlfriends

The oldest mantra in the book is to take pleasure in some good old gossip. Meeting old friends is in itself a source of enjoyment when you're upset. Gossiping is another thing that girls do when they are angry or upset.

Watch uplifting movies

Watching movies, which show the triumph of human spirit, uplifts the mood of girls when they are upset. If you're a bibliophile, then reading something might have the same effect. This is one of the things a girl should absolutely do when upset!

Some alone time

This generation grossly underestimates spending some time with yourself. Thinking about things thoroughly and making amends within yourself is a useful anger management tip. Remember it!

The Last Resort: Friend zoned guy

Unfair to the guys but girls do need that friend zoned guy who always keeps her happy and is ready to take her on long rides at the drop of a hat! The last resort in the things that a girl does when she is upset; get in touch with that friend zoned guy.

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Story first published: Monday, January 19, 2015, 21:31 [IST]
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