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How A Smile Can Change Life

By Ajanta Sen

Both happiness and sorrow are a part and parcel of human life. You cannot find a single person around you who is blessed with happiness only.

Everyone is destined to face the difficult situations and you are not an exception. Difficult situations bring anxieties and worries to human. It happens to everyone, but the ways of fighting these situations may be different.

Health Benefits Of Smiling

Smiling midst difficulties is a rare experience but most of the well-known philosophers agree to the fact that smiling can bring respite faster than bearing a sad and gloomy look. You must know how a smile can change your life.

A smile brings double impact. It does well to you as well as it does even better to the people who are around you. The following should give you a positive account how a smile can change you life and others:

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Smile is A Display of Positive Energy:

Bearing a sad look is a negative factor that does nothing good to you. It increases the level of sadness. You can counter sad thoughts and images with hearty smiles.

This can bring you a positive energy, and you would find yourself more focused towards facing your difficulties. Your smiling face can inspire others due to this positive energy. This is one of the most important outcomes of how a smile can change your life and others.


Smiles Bring Smiles:

People say that smiles are contagious. One smile of yours can motivate people around you and that can increase the number of smiling faces everywhere around you.

Your natural smile can change the whole environment that becomes extremely heavy due to sad expressions and experiences. You should never be a miser whenever it comes to smiling. If you can make one person smile, then it can bring you a great relief in the end as well.


Smile Never Bears Negativity:

Negativity is bad as it gives rise to hopeless situations. As sad expressions and feelings cannot bring you any relief from these negative feelings, so it is always good for you to face those things with a smiling face. Dispossessing the negative thoughts with smile is one of the ways of how a smile can change your life.


Smiles Make You Feel Good:

Undoubtedly, sad things make you sad and you are not the only person to get sad feelings. If you cannot find any positive way to counter your sadness, just start smiling and your sadness would vanish automatically.

It makes you feel good almost immediately. Take the path of smiling to reach a place where you can never find sadness and negativity. This is a tested way of how a smile can change your life as well as others.


Smiles Build Strong Human Relationships:

Human relationships are very precious. Most of these relationships are based on a positive frame of mind where there is no place for negativity. As smiles make you appear good to others and it can help you build stronger relationships.

The most important thing about natural smiles is that it impresses others without any artificial efforts. Such relationships are real and are full of positive energy.

Whenever you feel sad, try to recapitulate the happier moments of your life. This is an important as well as effective way to bring smiles back to your face. These are the ways of how a smile can change your life and have changed the life of many people. Try them once and you can find them work for you as well.

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Story first published: Monday, May 25, 2015, 17:00 [IST]
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