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5 Things You Shouldn't Be Doing At Work

By Anirudh Narayanan

"Work is worship" says an old proverb but it is as true as it ever was. Careers nowadays are built upon various things, not just the capabilities of the person. Those 'various things' can be anything from friendships you maintain at your workplace to the etiquettes you associate yourself with. There are dos and don'ts at a workplace that you should follow for optimum performance and goodwill for yourself. Today we will look at the things we should not do at work.

6 Healthy Habits To Adopt When At Work

We spend at least 40 hours a week at work. Working hard nowadays doesn't ensure success and that will only make you sad and grumpy. While there's not a sure-shot way to ensure success but you sure can make your workplace a better place by not doing some things that you usually do. Not doing these things will ensure a better work environment for everyone and will also help you become a better employee.

Read on and find out the things that you shouldn't be doing at work.

Shouting On Phone Or Elsewhere

Office is supposed to be a quite place, where employees can work without any hindrance. Shouting, laughing or creating a ruckus while at office is inappropriate and will cause great disturbance to your fellow colleagues. Shouting is one of those things not to do at work.

Lie And Gossip

Lying to your colleagues or your superiors is one of the worst things you could do at work. Nothing good ever came of lying. Eventually the truth will come out and you'll lose all credibility. Same is the case with gossiping. These are two of those things that you should stop doing in your office.

Peeping Onto Colleague's Screen

"Curiosity killed the cat" they say and it's pretty true too. Quite often it so happens that people have this crazy urge to take a peek onto their colleague's computer screen. Not devastating as such but it is good to value people's privacy, after all you would expect the same from them. Peeping onto a colleague's screen is one of those things you should never do at work.

Betray Coworkers

Another thing you should never do at work is betray your coworkers. In today's world it so happens that people think they can leapfrog their way above others by being cunning and fooling them. Though this might work in the short run, it does irreparable damage in the longer run. Be true to them always.

Burn Bridges

Leaving your job? Do so on an amicable note. One of the best things you could have in your work life is goodwill. If you treated your colleagues and bosses with respect they will stay in touch and thus help you in the long run. Burning bridges is the last thing you wanna do at your workplace.

Follow these workplace etiquettes and help yourself to an amazing career and a better life.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 7, 2015, 2:01 [IST]
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