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Why Your Coworkers Don't Like You?


You can understand when people don't like you. No one comes upfront and says it to you on your face. But it is obvious from the way they behave. Are you wondering why your coworkers don't like you? Well, you can say that it is the same reasons why colleagues are never friends. Coworkers have very little tolerance for your faults.


But you must also make sure that you are not giving your colleagues any real reasons to dislike you. If you are any of the following characters mentioned below, then it is no wonder that your coworkers don't like you.

You are a bully

You are a bully who keeps on bossing over your colleagues. Although you are not the boss, you behave like the boss. People find your pompous attitude disgusting. No one can stand it if you bully your colleagues beyond a point.

You are the boss's favourite

You are the boss's favourite lapdog. You are basically a snitch who spies on people behind their back and report to the boss. No one likes sneaky colleagues like that.

You are a lick-ass

You are very good at buttering people; especially, the people in power. You never stand up for what is right. You just butter your way out of every problematic situation.

You backstab people

You backstab your colleagues by leaking their secrets. You can actually cause a lot of damage to people at work if you start letting out their secrets. That is why your coworkers don't like you one bit. It is because they simply cannot trust you.

You gossip way too much

You keep gossiping all the time. Everyone gossips once in a while. But there is no end to your appetite for juicy gossip and you gossip about everyone. So most your colleagues know for a fact that you gossip about them as well.

You find ways to not do your work

You coworkers are mean to you because you try to act smart when it comes to work. There are some people at work who do not do their share and try to get away with it. You do not contribute as much as you should to the team effort; so you are liability to your team.

You never pay up

Do people avoid going out with you for lunches? It is because you are a miser. You eat heartily and then, conveniently 'forget' to pay your share.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 9, 2014, 4:04 [IST]
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