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The Malaysian Airline MH 370- Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


The Malaysian Airline Flight MH 370 went missing three months ago. With more questions piling up than answers, it seems like the mystery remains shrouded in this weird blanket of uncertainty. While anguished relatives of passengers have given up on efforts of search operations, numerous conspiracy theories have popped up. While most of these theories on the missing Malaysian Aircraft can be shunned, there is this one theory that seems appropriate and valid. This article speaks about the mystery surrounding the MH 370. Malaysian Airline MH 370 raises innumerable questions on present day aircraft technology, its potency and its ability to detect a smelly fish.

We all know for a fact that the search operations were unconvincing in their results. At this juncture, there isn't any necessity for revisiting the efforts of parties involved in the search operations and judging their respective capacities. But here is an interesting theory that goes against the most widely accepted conspiracy theory.


We have all heard of this theory of the United States landing the MH 370 in the island of Diego Garcia. But why? If there exists this theory that the United States wanted to eliminate certain high profile individuals, they could've done it before the plane took off. So this theory isn't really fitting. Let us look at some interesting facts.

1. The flight MH 370 could fly 3000 miles from the time it departed from Kuala Lampur. Diego Garcia is well within range in this case.

2. MH 370's transponder went off. This could indicate the possibility of a possible electrical failure.

3. But here's the catch. If the plane's transponder went off, it wouldn't have been able to fly for long, for the transponder going off would indicate a possible electrical systems failure.

4. Now the irony. After the transponder went off, the plane was spotted after an hour on the radar. Going by the plane's capacity, it couldn't have flown for that long with its electrical systems failing. The normal protocol is that the pilot makes an emergency landing if systems fail. But why didnt he, when the nearest landing station was less than an hour away?

5. This would mean that the pilots deliberately switched off the transponder. Even if they did and deliberately wanted to crash the plane, the plane has several parts that float on water.

6. If it was hit by a military missile, the same would have shown up on the radar.

7. Every aircraft is equipped with a black box which transmits signals for at least thirty days. The black box, apparently, is explosion proof. So the exact location would've been known.

8. Apparently, there is this theory that the US smuggled the plane to a leased island, Diego Garcia. If yes, why would they want to eliminate innocents ?

It still remains to be seen what actually happened. For all of us in the dark, well, we don't know how long we'd have to wait to see the light of the day.

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