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10 Things A Girl With Boy Cut Has To Hear

By Khairunnisa Ashifta Armar

Are you repulsive to sweet princess Rapunzel's long mane and falling head over heels for your just found love for short, cool boy cuts. Hey! It's in and very happening. People around you surely have some kind of serious disorder not to accept your chic boy cut style. Now who will sit to explain these highly impractical oldies. They are ought to make funny remarks on girls with a boy cut. But who cares a damn!

10 Things A Girl Into Love Marriage Has To Hear

Do we need to say, 'gone are the days when we were a mama's girl'. We need to facsimile our fashion divas to stay trendy. We are a generation of today, who follow fashion at any cost. Our purse strings are always open for today and ever to be the hot beauty that guys would woo for.

Strangely, this lump does not seem to be going down the throats of our elders. Let's ponder on the ten things that a girl with a boy cut has to hear.


1.You look weird and so boyish:

Drama! Your relatives know it will not stop you in any way but still they have to put their foot in every latest task you accomplished. Their nose has to peek over your wall to check what is next. This compliment is just to add another feather to the cap.


2. You will never find a good guy:

The family perhaps assumes that a boy cut is a guaranteed certificate of permanent damage to physical appearance. Chill! As if to say they have read in the encyclopedia about what the guys love to see in their girl. Who can know boys much better than we, as girls.


3. Can't you be more feminine:

Maybe but can't our relatives be a little more accommodating! True beauty is all in the heart. Their teachers didn't give them good life lessons!


4. Your long hair was so beautiful:

Long hair is far outdated and so difficult to manage. A big thanks, but no thanks! Wish! if only they could see this boy cut is doing wonders to my inner confidence.


5. Are you insane:

This is one such funny remark made on girls with a boy cut. Please point us how many of them are sensible enough with their long hair. Sensible people please think! Can a haircut make you insane?


6. Will it ever grow again:

Why bother when it makes no sense. Who on earth is willing to take back those old messy tangible hair days. It would be nicer to cope with my live-life-larger image than those large locks.


7. It's out of our way:

Society is not in my dictionary. Who would like being showcased as the beauty bee among those agony aunts who whack all day.


8. Was this the best shortcut to put up with your laziness:

Can't they be optimistic and realistic. Prove them the theories of long, unkempt hair to zip their lips.


9. Was this your mad boyfriend's idea:

As usual, this is one such thing girls with boy cut have to hear. Poor boyfriend has to be the scape goat for every erroneous event of your life. Give him a break!


10. Na jaane kiski buri nazar lag gayi humaare bache pe:

This is the wildest sort of joke on girls with boy cut. Black magic has to come for deary mom's rescue. We understand you mom!

Story first published: Tuesday, December 9, 2014, 16:45 [IST]
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