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10 Signs You Love Literature Like Crazy


Literature is food for the finer senses. Very few people actually study literature as they are passionate about it. However, there are still some people who love literature and do not just study it as a subject in school or college. And there are some signs that you love literature. These signs can be spotted from a distance. These are signs that you love books more than you love parties, people and food.

Many people get addicted to books at a young age. And slowly, your love affair with books grows with you. If books was your first love, you will display some signs that you love literature. These will manifest themselves in every walk of life. Be it your friends, your relationships or even your work, your love of books and literature can be seen in every aspect of what you do.

Many a times, people do not understand you and often make fun of you. However, you still continue to love literature and get back at them by making your personal literary jokes at them. Usually your tormentors do not understand your private literary jokes which is why they are incredibly funnier to you. Either ways, you have all the signs that you love books and literature.

Here are some of signs that you love literature from the bottom of your heart.


You are still waiting for your Hogwarts letter

You are Harry Potter super fan and you just can't come to terms with the fact that Hogwarts was actually fictional. So you decided to post a letter to the address and make sure. You are positive that you shall get a reply.


You have to read the book before you watch the movie

You would never watch a movie if you have not read the book first. That would be sheer blasphemy!


You write office memos in verse

You cannot understand why your boss is so annoyed. Is it your fault that your boss doesn't even have the sense to understand the most basic type of poetic blank language?


Bad grammar makes you mad!

You just cannot understand why people use incorrect grammar all the time. Is it so difficult to understand that you cannot 'revert back'? All you have to do is 'revert'.


When you are angry, you break into lines from your favourite books

In the middle of a fight, you swear at your boyfriend saying 'atu ceasar' or 'one day when you think that you are happy and safe, your happiness will turn to ashes in your mouth'.


You prefer to read books by authors whose name you cannot pronounce

It is not enough for you to read classical English literature. For you believe that to be truly learned, you must read 'Maupassant' or 'Sartre' or 'Marquez' in translation.


Your idea of a perfect date

Your date gets at least 8 out of the 10 literary references you have made. It has never happened so far but you are hopeful. Besides, he should be able to recite 'Lochinvar' or at least of Shakespeare's 'Sonnets' for some bonus points.


Your book collection is your biggest treasure

You have huge book collection and you protect it more fiercely than the Knights of Templar protected the Holy Grail. And you like to touch, feel and run though your books like the way Uncle Scrooge swims in his coins.


Most of your favourite movies are adaptations of old English classics

After all, it is only those classical adaptations that are faithful to the book. Otherwise, the new adaptations skip so many episodes that it is not even the same story anymore.


You talk about fictional characters as if they were real

Just the other day, you told your friend that if Hamlet was for real, he would make a terrible team leader. This is because he would never be able to take any decision on time. You thought this was funny but your friend gave you a blank look.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 15:37 [IST]
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