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10 Problems Every Older Sibling Goes Through


Being an older sibling is a boon, but conditions apply. Many think that older siblings can boss around their younger siblings. But what they do not know is that being an older sibling is the toughest and thankless job. As an older sibling, you have to take all the flak from everyone. Why? Because you are the older sibling! There are some older sibling problems that you have to go through.


You know the struggle of proving yourselves every time whereas your successors know nothing about it. They have the entire world at their feet. You have to follow all the rules but these spoilt young ones can get away even with a murder.

Ways To Stop Fights Between Siblings

You were the ones who received 'character building' lessons from your parents, but the younger ones were laidback and took everything for granted. And even if the older siblings conspire to bully the younger siblings, they were grounded. You have to be the protectors, the sole guardians of your younger siblings every hour and every second of the day. These are some older sibling problems that you can't avoid it.

We list down certain older siblings traits that you will show to your younger siblings:



You learn the meaning of sacrifice from the very minute your younger sibling enter the world. You have to give away your favourite toys, chocolates just because they wanted all that. But you never complained.



You are told to share whatever you have got with your baby brother or sister. Things are no longer exclusive to you.


Role Model

"This is the example you are going to set for your younger sibling?" This is the most dreaded question you have to hear from parents. Being a responsible role model is expected from you just because you are the older kid.


Taking Blame

Yes, all the older siblings did that! Take blame for something your younger sister or brother did. And there is no use explaining your parents about it because according to them, younger ones "don't know any better." You learned the art of taking blame. This is one trait you will find in older siblings.


You Are No Longer Cute:

You were always the centre of attention, until your kid brother or sister arrived. You realise it then that you are no more the cute kid of the house and you have to live with this fact for rest of your life. This is one of the older sibling facts.


You Watch What They Like

You had to watch shows on television that are too young for you just because your younger sibling wanted. This is one of the older siblings problems you faced when dealing with your kid brother or sister.


Play With Them When They Demand:

Even when you are longing to sleep and your kid brother/ sister tells you to play with them, you adhere to their demand.


Babysitting the Younger Ones

It is the unwritten rule of the house that whenever parents are not at home, you are supposed to look after your younger siblings even when you have prior plans.


Protect Them:

You fiercely protect them from all the bad things the world offers. You think only you have the right to get upset with them and that they deserve the love of the world.


Mixed Emotions

You have all kinds of emotions for your baby brother/sister. You love, hate, resent and even loathe your younger siblings.

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