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Stupid Things Couples Do Before They Kiss

Love makes you do the stupidest things. Some blame this madness on aftereffects of falling in love, while others cleverly blame their partner. However, there are some crazy and stupid things couples wind up doing in a relationship.

One of the things that connects a couple is a kiss. Did you know that this act of showing love can make you do some stupid things?

According to a lot of couples, they have admitted to doing a list of stupid things before they kiss. If you take a look at these things couples really do before they kiss, you might burst out laughing.


These are some of the spoilers that ruin the perfect kiss. Take a look at the assortment of stupid things couples do before they kiss intentionally or unintentionally.


They Bang Their Heads Together

Couples who are immature in the art of kissing try their levels best to not bang their heads together. But, eventually they end up doing that.


The Nose Becomes Too Big For The Act

If you are blessed with a big pointed nose, then kissing becomes a task. One of the things couples do before kissing is hold their partner's nose to avoid the collision!


Getting Caught With An Audience

Before you plant that kiss on your partner, check the surroundings. One of the worst and stupid things couples do before kissing is not to check on their audience and hence, they become cheap entertainment for others.


Checking Out The Woman's Lips

Men have the tendency to check out the woman's lips before kissing her. There are times when this act becomes too obvious leaving the woman in an uncomfortable situation.


Seeing To It That He Is Flossed

Call it crazy! There are some women who check to see if the guy has actually flossed before getting intimate with him. To some men, this is heights but, for women, cleanliness is next to godliness.


Practicing On An Object

Ooops... have you ever tried this out? Research shows that more than 90 percent of couples practise how to kiss on a mirror or on a wall before they do the actual thing.


Swallowing A Bottle Of Mouth Spray

Swallowing an entire bottle of mouth spray is another stupid thing couples do before they kiss or get intimate with each other.


Seek Crazy Internet Advice

The internet is a vast world and it will teach you all kinds of stuff. In order to get perfect, couples look up to the net to learn the tricks of the trade. However, this is one of the stupid things couples do before getting into the act of kissing.


Watch Other Couples First

Watching other couples kiss is one of the crazy and stupid things to do before you get into the arms of your partner.


Confusion With Sides

Confusion with sides is always there with every couple. You go left and I'll go right or vice versa is a hotly debated topic couples have before locking lips.

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