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7 Incredible Facts About The Human Brain You Probably Didn't Know


The human brain is perhaps the biggest mystery that still remains unsolved. Be it in the realm of medicine or philosophy, questions pertaining to the human brain and the mind in particular have left leading researchers and philosophers overwhelmed. In this article, we look at some startling facts about the human brain. These facts about the human brain will give you insight into the mysteries about the brain and enable you to understand that the human brain is by far the biggest mystery known to humankind.

So let us go ahead and delve into the mysteries of the human brain. Here are some startling facts about the human brain. Read on...


The Brain Is More Active During Sleep

If you thought that the brain is not so active during the night, it must be noted that the brain is actually more active during the night while we are asleep. The brain is an organ that just doesn't sleep, whether you dream or not.


Prediction Of The Future

This is one of the most weird facts about the brain that scientists are completely clueless about how it happens. Science as well as philosophy has come to the understanding that the brain has the capability to predict the future. Certain events that occur when we dream actually manifest as reality. A system in the brain known as the Mid Brain Dopamine System provides signals about events that haven't taken place yet- paving the way to the prediction of the future.


Men Use 10 Percent More Of Their Brain

If you wanted to understand why women are sometimes crippled when it comes to making decisions and judgements, here is the answer. They use a lesser percentage of their brain- almost 10 percent less when compared to men.


No Pain Receptors

This is one of the most startling facts about the brain. While the entire body is vulnerable to pain, the brain as such feels no pain whatsoever. That is because it does not have pain receptors. Maybe there just isn't enough space for pain receptors, is there?



People have different brain sizes. This is one of the most major contributors of intelligence. People with a larger brain size have better abilities to make judgements and understand external phenomena.


Consumes The Most Energy

The brain is the organ that consumes the most amount of energy in comparison to other organs of the body.


Teenage Brains Aren't Fully Developed

Teenage brains are not completely developed. In fact, the behaviour of teenagers is closely related to an evolving brain.

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Story first published: Friday, September 26, 2014, 18:09 [IST]
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