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Signs Your Employees Are Job Hunting


When a really productive employee leaves the company, no one feels worse than the boss. After all, the extra pressure has to be taken by the manager or the team leader after all. That is why; most managers look for these telling signs that their employees are job hunting. It is an eerie deja vu feeling that comes with age and experience.


Most often, the people you want to retain the most are the first ones to leave. If you are worried about your turnover ratio going up, then these signals will let you know that your employees are searching for a job.

The Talk In Hushed Tones

Talking in hushed tones is a sign that your danger bells must start ringing. Most colleagues discuss job opportunities in hushed tones when they are about to quit. As soon as they see you, they go quiet.

They Go Out To Answer Calls

If an employee finds it difficult to answer calls in front of you, then it means that he or she is definitely job hunting. It is a typical situation when a person gets a call and say, 'Could you please excuse me?'.

They Take Leaves For Vague Reasons

When a person is searching for a job, he or she has to go for interview. So your employees either call in sick or just make up completely vague reasons for taking leaves. You must read these as signs that your employees are looking for a job change.

They Talk About Moving On

Most people cannot keep good news in their stomach for long. So they might drop bizarre hints to you that they have got a better job offer. They discuss salaries and perks openly. They even complain about their current job openly.

They Take Calls Even During Meetings

If an employee excuses himself or herself to take a call when a meeting is going on, then they are definitely job hunting. Otherwise, they would never have risked answering a call when a serious meeting in under way. They clearly value their potential job offers more than the job they are doing right now.

If you are a smart manager, you will read into these signs that your employees are planning to call it quits.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 9, 2014, 7:03 [IST]
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