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9 Telling Signs You Didn’t Get The Job


After you appear for an interview, you are usually plagued by thoughts of doubt and anxiety. Did you get the job or did you not get the job? The doubt is like an open sword hanging over your head. You keep checking your phone 20 times a day to see if the HR called. But you can save yourself from this anxiety if you know the signs that you didn't get the job.

It is better to know that you will not get the job than to live in doubt. If you know the signs that you didn't get the job after the interview, you will be able to breathe in peace. You will be much better employed looking for another job than waiting for the job call that you will not get. After an interview, you are the best judge of how you fared.


So take matters into your own hands and end your anxiety. You must learn to pick up the signs that you didn't get the job immediately after you appear for the interview. Here are some of the signs that you will definitely come across if you are not going to get the job.


You turned up late

You turned up late for the interview and the management was not too impressed with your delay. This has an instant bad impact on the person who is going to interview you.


Your interview was cut short

You were cut short in mid sentence while answering a question. Or it could also be that your interview was wrapped up sooner than you expected.


They did not negotiate the salary

If you get the job, you will most probably have a salary negotiation round. But if the pay package was not even mentioned, then you most probably didn't make it.


You were not grilled

In any organisation of repute, you will have to go through a grilling interview to get the job. But if the interview was very superficial, then your chances of getting the job are slim.


Your interviewer was cold

When you are getting along well with the interviewer, you usually get a warm vibe. But if your interviewer looks grim and doesn't smile at all, then you will most probably not make it.


‘We will let you know’

In most cases, this phrase is used as a polite alternative for saying ‘sorry, you didn't get the job'. The HR will leave you with some conclusive hope if you have made it.


No questions about joining date

If the interviewer really likes you, he or she will ask you about your notice period and how quickly you can join. If no such thing happens, then it is a sign that you didn't get the job.


You were told ‘this isn’t the right job for you’

If your interviewer says that you are over qualified for this job or you already have a great job, then you are not going to get a call after the interview.


You got career advice

If you interviewer gives you good humoured career advice, then don't be thrilled. He or she is just trying to signify that you are not in the right job.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 31, 2014, 14:32 [IST]
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