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9 Mistakes That All Women Bosses Make


Every time someone complains about their lady boss who is a complete bully, we think of the movie ‘Devil Wears Prada'. Are all lady bosses as horrid as Meryl Streep portrayed in this movie? No, the stereotype of the bullying and demanding female boss has been created by men to prove that women cannot handle power. However, there are some mistakes that women bosses make on a regular basis.

When female bosses make these typical mistakes, they add fuel to their already besmirched reputation. If you actually start thinking about why people hate female bosses so much, then you can come to some curious conclusions. It is true that women bosses make some tactical mistakes.


However, the problem also lies in the minds of people who cannot handle a woman in the position of power.

But if lady bosses change a few basic things about their attitude, they can actually get a lot of work done from their employees. A woman has to fight many gender prejudices to break the glass ceiling and that is one of the reasons why woman bosses come across as bullies.

These are some mistakes that female bosses often make. If they rectify these mistakes, then they can earn the love of their employees.


Try to be a man

When women become successful, they feel that they should start behaving like men. But this takes away the unique and gentle touch that comes naturally to women. Being you is the most important thing.


Alienate female employees

When a woman becomes manager, she starts fearing that she will be called unfair if she treats her female employees generously. So, women bosses are usually extra strict with female employees. But women employees want be on your side. You should be their companion not nemesis.


Treat male employees like crap

Most women have faced a lot of crap in their life because of men. So when they actually get to give it back, they like to take a bit of their frustration out on their male employees. It's a subconscious way of saying ‘men may rule the world, but I am the boss here'.


Getting Too Stressed

Biologically, women have stronger hearts than men. That is why they are also more prone to getting stressed than men. Work pressure can take its toll on everybody and women are no exceptions to this rule.


Fear of gossip and linkups

Even if a woman gets the manager's position due to her hard work, people always gossip behind her back. To banish all talk of link ups and favours, lady bosses have to act doubly strict.


Trying to do everything

Women have this habit of trying to be superhuman and do everything by themselves. A boss is supposed to delegate work equally and not keep all the control for herself.


Forgetting to smile

The best bosses are loved and not feared. But women bosses often feel compelled to keep a hard face because they do not want to be taken lightly. It is important not to lose the human touch.


No outside work interactions

The best team building activities are often done outside the office. You will get to know your employees as real people only when you are outside the framework of office. So those team lunches, coffee breaks and late evening drinks can go a long way to make you a better boss.


Not having a life outside work

Women are more prone to becoming workaholics because they have a point to prove. They have to be better than men. They end up expecting the same levels of efficiency from their employees which is not possible. Have your own life so that you can understand that your employees have a life too.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 24, 2014, 23:28 [IST]
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