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Legends Of The Popular Cocktails


Booze happens to be the most desired pass time for the young people. Drinking has become the most loved way to celebrate happiness, kill boredom or to even fight depression. But whatever be the case humans invented various drinks and made sure that we had a good time with booze.

The experiments with booze resulted in the most amazing drink invented by humankind - cocktail. Cocktail is a treat for all the modern drink lovers. Be it bloody mary, mojito or pina colada, cocktail is the most loved drink of all.


Interestingly, with the invention of cocktails, the legends about the various cocktails also became popular. These legends are weird yet extremely fun to know about. So, here we present the legend behind the most popular cocktails of the world.


Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary has the 'bloody' look because it is made of tomatoes, vodka and spices. The story behind this cocktail is very interesting. Apparently some people attribute at least the name of the drink to Queen Mary, who is known for her brutal attempts to return Catholicism to England. It is believed that the tomato juice is supposed to represent blood.

The Manhattan

A Manhattan is basically a Martini. A Manhattan consists of whiskey, vermouth, bitters, and is often served with a maraschino cherry. It is said that when Winston Churchill's mother was staying in US, she used to consume this drink which was invented to suit her sweet tooth.

Irish Coffee


This cocktail is a treat for those who love their booze with coffee! The story goes like this: Once a flight got delayed in Ireland and the bartender mixed whiskey with coffee in an attempt to keep the passengers warm. The drink became an instant hit with the people and got the name, Irish coffee.


A mojito is a rum based cocktail made with mint leaves, lime juice, sugar and soda. According to the stories, Mojito was found to be a great cure for scurvy among the sailors of Cuba. Hence this drink is extremely popular among the sailors.

Pina Colada

This is a very popular drink made with pineapple juice, rum and coconut. The cream of coconut is the most spectacular ingredient used in preparation of this drink. Once a businessman named Don Ramon Lopez who owned a factory of coconut cream, handed over the cream to bartenders and asked them to experiment. Eventually one of the bartenders hit upon the best combo and the rest is history!


Cosmo is a vodka based cocktail, loved by women. Legends say that this drink was created by the gay community of Massachusetts.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 7:02 [IST]
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