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6 Incredible Mysteries Of The Milky Way Galaxy


We all know for a fact that the Earth is located in the Milky Way, a galaxy that comprises a whopping 10 power 10 stars. The mysteries of space are perhaps the most elusive of all secrets, with humans understanding their incapability in unlocking these deeply concealed mysteries. While telescopes aid in tracking and observing the behavior of various heavenly bodies, it goes without saying that even the most powerful telescope is incapable of imaging billions of objects that are located at astoundingly prodigious distances. This article looks at the mysteries of the Milky Way. These unsolved mysteries of the milky way are applicable to the whole universe, for the milky way is part of this incomprehensibly gigantic universe.


Here are 8 mysteries of the Milky Way. These 8 mysteries can be viewed as mysteries of the universe too.


1. The Pattern

On the basis of credible calculation and evidence from highly powerful telescopes, scientists decoded a pattern in about 300 thousand stars that closely resembles a sound wave. Now why this is so is unknown. Now scientists do believe that the wave or pattern is a result of something that is currently taking place in our galaxy and our universe. Another belief that can be ties to the existing pattern is that around 100 million years ago, something, possibly a dark matter body, passed through the milky way, causing stars to resemble a specific pattern.


2. Hypervelocity Stars

In the milky way, most stars travel at a speed of approximately 145 miles per second. Hyper velocity stars, however, travel at around 400 miles per second. Astonishing, isn't it? The real thing about these stars is that they can, because of their massive speed, escape the galaxy itself. It is believed that some stars end up traveling at these massive velocities when they are influenced by the presence of mammoth black holes.


3. High Velocity Clouds

These clouds, made of interstellar gas, move with intense velocity across the milky way. These thick clouds, made mostly of hydrogen, travel at a massive 50 kilometers per second. But where do these clouds come from? Well, some scientists believe they originate from intergalactic space. Although such is the case, the real truth surrounding this mystery is unknown. A classic mystery of the universe, isn't it?


4. The Galactic Warp

The Galactic warp is a weird pattern of clouds. The mystery surrounding these galactic clouds is the mixed patterns that they exhibit, the reason for these patterns unknown. Usually the area between stars in a galaxy is filled with thick layers of gas and smoke, the thinnest areas having a length of a staggering 240 light years.


5. Magellanic Clouds

Magellanic clouds were first believed to be orbiting the milky way until recently when research indicated that they may not be for this one reason- it was found that they move twice as fast as originally thought. It wasn't until recently that scientists answered the mystery surrounding the Magellanic Stream, a large cloud of gas that exists halfway across the milky way. A telescope in Australia picked up radio signals from a passing cloud and it was found that the waves were caused as a result of something prodigiously massive- maybe an explosion of neutron stars or the end of a black hole. And one more to make things better. The Milky Way is 160,000 light years away. If the Magellanic clouds were to orbit the milky way at the newly discovered speed, the milky way is twice as huge as originally thought.


6. Planet X

Well, here is something that can be deemed as one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. Planet X is a giant planet with a size larger than Jupiter, secretly orbiting the sun. Now the irony of it all is that this planet which is strongly believed to be present, cannot be seen. Further, it is believed that Planet X is present in this small cluster of stars referred to as Galaxy X that lies close to the milky way. Again, Galaxy X cannot be seen for one reason-- it is made of 85 percent dark matter.

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