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7 Incredible Mysteries About Humans


Mysteries certainly interest and amuse every one of us. Taking this into account, here is a revelation- if you are searching for a mystery that will blow you out of your sense, then search no far, for the biggest mystery can be found nowhere other than in the human body itself. The Human Body is the biggest mystery in the entire world.


There are numerous reason why humans are the biggest mystery ever. It sure doesn't need too much elucidation- for instance, our brain- even after supreme advancements in technology and medicine, science cannot decode the mysteries surrounding it.

This article looks at 7 biggest mysteries about humans.. These are, quite naturally, mysteries about the human body as well. Read on to know more...


Mystery 1: Why Do We Kiss ?

Science fails to understand why humans fantasy the exchange of saliva. While some studies say it is a naturally occurring phenomenon that involves the sense, it fails to explain the reason behind the phenomenon.


Mystery 2: Why Do We Laugh

Although it is known that endorphins that help in improving moods are released in the body during laughter, nobody knowns what exactly triggers laughter. Sometimes, the funniest joke to one person seemingly cannot trigger laughter in another person.


Mystery 3: Why Do We Blush?

This is one of those many questions science hasn't been able to answer convincingly. It is, however, believed that blushing helps in fostering the crucial element of intimacy and attraction, a probable reason why the phenomenon occurs.


Mystery 4: Healers

Well, this has to be one of the biggest mysteries about humans. Little do we know how certain people have the ability to heal. Some entrancing healers have said they derive their energy from the universe. But how does it happen? An elusive mystery indeed.


Mystery 5: Dreams

Why do we dream? Science attributes it brain activity which cannot really stop during the course of one's lifetime. How then do some people see dreams become real? There have been cases where a person actually witnesses in reality what once occurred in his dream. An amazing mystery about humans and the human body indeed.


Mystery 6: Are We Predominantly Water Floating Around Somewhere In Space?

Well, over three-fourths our body is made of water. If there is less, our body fails to function normally. If there's more of it, well, the functioning isn't appropriate. Water is central to our being. So, what are we doing with so much water in our body?


Mystery 7: Bioluminescence

Bioluminescence, as long as it happened, occurred in cases where people were ill or unwell. In a book written by Hereward Carrington titled Death: Its Causes And Phenomena, he looks at the concept of Bioluminescence in certain cases. A chronic asthma patient emitted a blue glow from her chest while she was asleep. Also in the book was the case of a boy who, after he died, emitted a blue glow from his chest. Bioluminescence has been one of the biggest mysteries ever.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 15, 2014, 14:46 [IST]
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