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How Men & Women Spend Money Differently?

It is hard to understand how two genders belonging to the same species can be so different from one another. Men and women of the human race never agree on any topic. It is their innate differences from each other that is responsible for causing so much heartache. In fact, how women spend money is completely different from how men spend money.

Just to add to the list of differences, how women spend money is a matter of mystery to men. And women think that men spend money very irresponsibly. As usual they cannot ever agree on what to buy and invest in. When women splurge on clothes and jewellery, men think that they are vain. Similarly, when men spend on gadgets and automobiles, women find it ridiculous.


While men hate shopping, women revel in it. Women are more patient with online shopping than men. Men are more likely to travel the world than settle into a luxurious home. Here are some of the differences in the way how women spend money and how men spend money.


Clothes: Women

When it comes to stuffing their wardrobe beyond the topple point, then women are definitely more guilty than men. Women need clothes in bulk. A man is more likely to invest in few clothes that are expensive.


Gadgets: Men

What men save from not buying enough clothes and starving their girlfriends, they spend on gadgets. Whether it is the latest phone every season or the new gaming station, men cannot resist gizmos.


Jewellery: Women

You will rarely see men venture into jewellery stores. When they go, they are either forced by their wife or want to buy a ring to propose. Women invest in jewellery rather wisely. They look at buying jewellery like saving for a rainy day.


Booze: Men

Men spend more on drinking than they do for their groceries. And why not; women always have someone to buy their drink and men have to buy the drinks for their ladies as well!


Salons/Beauty Treatment

Women are judged for their physical appearance. They spend tons on beauty treatments, expensive facials and the latest haircuts. Men are happy with cutting their hair in off-the-road places and they don't need any beauty treatment.


Food: Men

Women rarely spend as much on fine dining as men do. That is probably because there is always a man to pay their bill. The girls can thus save their money for better use.


Home Furnishings: Women

Women are the ones who are likely to give their home just as expensive a makeover as themselves. They will spend on dainty cushion covers and the upholstered sofa, while men are happy to have any couch to lie on.


Cars/Bikes/Automobiles: Men

Women look for practicality and use when they are buying automobiles. For example, a lady who is a bank employee will not buy a sports car because she doesn't need it. However, men are more emotional about cars and bikes. So, you will find a regular guy with a day job riding a sports bike.


Homes: Women

Women are more likely to take a huge loan to buy themselves a grand home because it is a good investment. Besides, women like their living quarters to be a reflection of themselves.


Travel: Men

Men would rather travel the world than invest in a pent house. They look for experience and immediate gratification more than long term investment.

Story first published: Monday, October 13, 2014, 18:46 [IST]
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