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12 Intriguing Facts About World War 2 That You Probably Didn't Know


World War 2 is often viewed as the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind. With almost the entire world plunged into war, the war is also seen as the costliest war in the history of mankind taking into account the collective amount of money spent, the expenses incurred on rehabilitating people and reconstruction. The devastation was unimaginable to say the least. There were many incidents in World War 2 that you probably didn't know occurred as much as there are several fascinating facts about the war that would blow your mind.


In this article, we look at some interesting facts about World War 2. These thought provoking facts about World War 2 will give you an insight into the the happenings of the war in a nutshell. Let us now look at some fascinating facts about World War 2.

Here are 12 thought provoking facts about World War 2. Read on...


The Russian Tragedy

Russia suffered the greatest number of tragedies during the course of World War 2. If you didn't know this insane World War 2 fact, a staggering 80 percent of males born in the year 1923 didn't survive the war.


Rapes By The Red Army

The Red Army carried out mass rapes of German women during World War 2. A heart wrenching 2.5 million German women were raped by soldiers of the red army.


The Bloodiest Battle In History

The Battle Of Stalingrad wherein Russia had to fight off invading Germans is the bloodiest battle in history. The battle which lasted about 8 months claimed the lives of over 120,000 people.


The Longest Battle In World War 2

The longest battle of World War 2 was the Battle of Atlantic. It lasted a staggering 6 years from 1939 to 1945.


The Swastika Symbol

Swastika is actually a religious symbol known to be a source of good fortune. The symbol has been found in different civilizations including Greece, China, Indian and Egyptian.


The U Boat Catastrophe

U Boats were used as a highly effective means to take down loaded ships. Out of an approximate 40,000 people who fought the battle on U boats, less than 8000 survived.


The Biggest Tragedy For The Americans

The deadliest American tragedy of World War 2 was the Battle of Bulge. It claimed 40,000 American lives.


Experiments On Jews

This has to be amongst the most despicable incidents of World War 2. Medical experiments were performed on Jews. For instance, X Rays were bombarded on men and women to see the effects of sterility. The experiments were gruesome to say the least. Muscles and bones were cut off for medical testing. Jews were subjected to several such inhuman experiments.


The US Defence Budget

During the five years between 1940 and 1945, the United States Defence Budget skyrocketed from approximately 2 Billion to 60 Billion USD. This easily is one of the most interesting facts about World War 2, isn't it? Today, the U.S. spends an unbelievable 600 Billion USD (approx) on its defence budget.


The First To Build Aircrafts

Germans were the first to build fighter aircrafts. The first fighter aircraft was called Messerschmitt ME-262. It was however, too late to reverse an impending German defeat.


Adolf Hitler's Nephew

Now here is something that will unfailingly startle you- one amongst the fascinating facts about World War 2. Adolf Hitler's nephew, William Hitler, served in the US navy during World War 2.


The Death Of Children

One of the greatest tragedies of World War 2 was the death of over 1.5 million children. Close to 1.2 million children who were killed during the devastating war were Jews.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 6, 2014, 15:05 [IST]
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