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10 Expectations Parents Have From Elder Kids

By Anirudh Narayanan

Being a child can be difficult at times. You have to face so many people treating you like you are nothing but still expecting you to step up when the need arises. Being the first child can be even more difficult as the parents have a lot of expectations from them.

The first child is supposed to be a role model, not only to their younger ones but to the whole neighbourhood kids. If everything goes well, parents will praise the elder child to the heavens.

Favouritism With Kids Can Spoil Them!

While you might probably enjoy the constant attention but it's only a matter of time before you get tired of all the expectations, the responsibilities and the sacrifices you make half-heartedly. Due to the constant bickering from your younger siblings and the bar of your parents' expectations rising steadily, you would wish you weren't the eldest child.

Read on and find out more.


Role Model

Parents expect their first child to be a role model from the day they have a younger sibling. The first child doesn't have the liberty of committing a few mistakes as his siblings are constantly looking up to him!


The Punching Bag

This isn't really an expectation but sort of the truth. In a way, you are the punching bag, taking hits from everywhere. You, being the elder one, are supposed to know better. And if you don't, you'll be blamed to death.


The Trophy Kid

Like the "trophy wife", you are the "trophy kid" who your parents like to show off to other parents. You are expected to set bars sky high for the younger ones who will try and better you.



Parents strangely expect you to part with your favourite Batman tees in favour of your younger ones or they just might steal it anyway! Now you know why you saw a strangely familiar tee shirt at school today! This is one of the parents' expectations from their elder child.


The Unpaid Babysitter

Parents think that you, the eldest one, inherit their parental genes! They expect you to babysit your siblings but never do you get paid for it. It is a sacrifice you make or are made to make.



Uncle Ben told Peter Parker [aka Spiderman], "With great powers come great responsibilities." Maybe that applies for elder kids as well, but the thing to be considered here is that we never really asked for it. The burden of responsibilities is just too much and you are never expected to complain. One of the parenting tips suggests that parents should not create so much expectations on the elder siblings as that would create undue pressure on them.


No space for oneself

Say goodbye to personal space, as your parents expect you to carry along your younger siblings wherever you go. It might be a birthday party or a night camp with friends, but you have to take those little devils with you.


Cooperation always

Your study materials now belong to your younger siblings, all thanks to your parents. The special book that you always cherished means nothing. You are expected to be cooperative or they take it anyway. Parents' expectations from their child can be rather unfair on the older kid sometimes.


Everything is your fault

Parents seldom scold the younger ones. Their anger or scolding is almost always borne by the elder kid. Whosoever commits the mistake, the elder kid is the one who is ultimately at fault. At least, that's what they make you feel anyway.


The Bearer

Your parents think of you as a real badass. Or there is no way that they would expect you to always take care of them or your offspring. But this one makes you feel good about yourself. It seems like you are the bearer of great powers. You can live with that, huh?

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