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Bizarre Habits Of Birds


Animals are all around us. Being well aware of that, little do we realise that certain animals, birds in particular, can have habits that will fuel unending thoughts in understanding their tendencies. Sometimes, the behaviour of these animals can have striking resemblance to traits exhibited by humans. Ever wondered such a thing is actually possible? Well, going by the likes of it, it actually is. In this article, let us look at some bizarre habits of birds.


Blue Tits:

Blue Tits are of European origin and have close genetic resemblance to animals such as magpies and cows. These birds are known for their intelligence and the perfect interaction they exhibit with their immediate environments. Now, coming to the bizarre behaviour they exhibit.

Big Tits actually steal milk! Well, in the United Kingdom, they are known to follow milk vendors to steal milk. With their beaks, they make holes in the foil lids and actually go on to steal milk. Surprising? Well, that will be the truth for you. This is one of the strange habits of birds.


Birds, especially seabirds, use astounding ways to gather food. After all, as creatures who are not quite up the food chain, their very survival depends on how innovatively they can garner food. Now, seabirds in specific, are known for there ingenuity. They actually steal food from other bird species.


Skuas and Jaegers are species that repeatedly harry and provoke other bird species by stealing their food. They first distract their opponents and end up stealing the food midair. Now, how cool is that? The typical human survival tendency, isn't it? This constitute one of the most amazing behaviours of birds.

The Swainson's Thrush:

This elegant bird has its own troubles when it comes to mating. This type of birds migrate from the cold monsoon months of South America to the North American continent. They actually demarcate territories and hold fort against female birds. After a while, they allow the females to enter their territory and begin mating. Surprisingly, Swainson's Thruhses are loyal to their mating partners and their association with the female species can last a staggering two years even.

The tenuous peace between herons and alligators:

This has to be one of the most astonishing features exhibited by the animal kingdom. Herons can actually make prey for crocodiles, known to be among the most feared predators in the animal kingdom. But this doesn't actually happen. Let's see why. Besides, this behaviour is exhibited by these two creatures in tropical wetlands - lands replete in rich vegetation.

Herons feed on the vegetation, thus making it easier for crocodiles to feed on the fish that surround the vegetation. Crocodiles, on the other hand, feed on snakes and rats that seek to feed on heron's eggs sometimes. By way of this, they've maintained a distinct truce from a long time.

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