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    Are Left Handers Geniuses?


    A lot of research has been done to understand if left handers are true geniuses. A left hander is a person who uses his left hand for his personal care, cooking and many more activities. However, in some cases, left handers use their right hand to write.

    There are many causes that lead a person to use his left side more than his right. Warriors used their shields on the left to protect their heart. Another theory is that being left hander brings the surprise factor in combat as most of the population is right handed.

    Are Left Handers Geniuses?

    According to one theory, exposure to high rates of testosterone before birth can lead to left handedness in the child. Stress during the birth of the child is another cause. Studies show that mothers who have ultrasounds more than the normal can also cause the same.

    As the number of left handers is quite low compared to the right handers, they could be at a disadvantage because the world is loaded heavily in favour of right handers. Small things like scissors are designed only for right handers. In spite of these disadvantages, the following reasons explain why left handers are geniuses.

    Better Memory
    Studies show that the left handers have a larger corpus callosum, which is what connects the two hemispheres of the brain. This is the region where all the memory storage takes place. The basic problem with this type of memory is that they might not remember where they have left their keys but will just know the dates of the Second World War.

    Mathematical Ability
    Though there are many contradictory studies, most of the research shows that there is a relationship between left hand genius and higher mathematical ability. For these people, a certain areas of knowledge is linked. Their visual-spatial skills are also higher.

    Intellectual Genius
    There is a whole list of famous and intellectual people who are left handers. Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Aristotle, Alan Turing were left handers. Though not clear how these geniuses are connected to left handedness, but looks like it does.

    This is a quite a strange fact that the left handed college educated men earn about 15 percent more than their colleagues who were right handed. This fact applies for those who were working together with the same education and ranking. Apparently, this wage difference does not apply to women. There is still more research going on in this field.

    More Creative
    According to one theory, brain of left handers works differently and hence, they are more creative than the right handers. It has been said that when you are using your left hand, you are using the right side of the brain which is used for creativity.

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    Story first published: Thursday, October 16, 2014, 22:44 [IST]
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