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Adventure Sports To Try Before You Die

By Madhu Babu

Most men desire adrenaline rush they get through thrills and adventure sports. There are numerous such adventure sports across the globe you may wish to try before you die.

Though, you may have to hurry up before you age to complete a few of these sports which require a lot of physical ability and a strong heart condition.

Even if you are not the sporty kind, you can still choose simplest among these adventure sports to get a feel of the thrill which so many men seek.

Many of these adventure sports that were performed by pure professionals are now made available to thrill seekers with safety precautions and training programmes that enable even a layman feel the thrill of adventure sports.

All it takes in a man to pursue them is a strong heart and heavy pocket in some cases.

For starter you can choose hiking. There are lots of mountaineering clubs that organise different levels of hiking depending upon your stamina and past experience. From such simple adventures you can move up to more thrill seeking sports such as bungee jumping, paragliding, surfing, diving etc. which are not for the faint hearted by any means.


This is the simplest of adventures you can choose to start if you are a beginner. Good thing about hiking is it can be done on various heights depending upon your ability, making it the best adventure sport for starters.

Parasailing and paragliding

Starting with simplest form of flying, which is parasailing, where you are flown like a kite tied to a motor boat you can move up to more adrenaline form like parasailing where you are on your own with a parachute to land with.

Bungee jumping

This is one adventure sport that requires a strong heart and even stronger rope that stops you from crashing into the ground, head first! Some of the most daring heights of bungee jumping Macau Tower, China- 760 ft and Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA-1053 ft.

Scuba diving

If heights creeps you out, you have depths to explore instead. Scuba diving at its professional best takes you to most exotic under sea locations you can only imagine or watch on National Geographic channel.

Kayaking and rafting

These are water sports that are played on solo, duel or a group in a fast moving river or enjoyed in a calm lake alone. The pace and force of river adds to the thrill factor.

Rock climbing

You need a strong arm and stronger will to climb some of the toughest and tallest mountains with bare hands and a rope to hang on if you slip. Some push it to limits by avoiding the safety rope and banking on their skill alone.


Zorbing offers you an experience of rolling downhill inside an inflatable ball, making it the most amazing and heart throbbing experience and needless to point out as one of the wackiest thing to do.


This snow sport can be enjoyed in a any level of thrill depending upon how far you wish to push yourself. From skiing on plain surface that is not too inclined to sliding down from top of a mountain, it has it all.

Mountain biking

One of the wackiest thing to do is run you bicycle down a steep hill. You need to be prepared to fall down to seek this fast paced adrenaline sport.


You need a lot of practice and experience in swimming through waves to make it big in surfing. You can chose to surf waves from 1mtr high to several meters depending upon your skill.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 2, 2014, 7:04 [IST]
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