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Know Why Tears Are Beneficial

By Asha Das

Holding an emotion is harder than bursting it out. Most of us are emotional beings and express happiness or sadness with tears. Does this means that those who don't cry are stronger than you? They might even consider you as a person with low mental or emotional control. But, the fact is, those who cry are the most emotionally healthy people as they are straight-forward enough to express what they feel.

Crying can be an expression of real emotions or it can be used as a mask to cover your real face (if you are an expert in instant crying). Holding emotions will increase your stress level. If you are not expressing your feelings, then your body will start expressing its feelings in terms of headache or high blood pressure. A room needs ventilation and it is same with our body also. How it will be if crying apart from making you emotionally stronger will also give you some benefits.

Good for health: Tears are our natural anti-bacterial agent. The enzyme lysozyme in tears are strong enough to kill bacteria in your eyes. So what is awful in crying, if we are doing something good to our health.

Helps to find solutions: Let the problems flow out of your mind and body through your eyes. After crying you will feel relaxed. This will help you to think about solutions and not about the problems.

Keep you relaxed: Continuously thinking and worrying about anything will never leave you relaxed. But just try crying out loud and you'll feel much more relaxed. Let all your emotions flow out from your body. It will free you from stress and offer peace of mind.

Express your love: Many strong emotions like love will bring true tears in your eyes when words are not just enough to express your love. Sometimes, a drop of tear is worth more than a thousand words.

Emotional blackmailing: Crying is the most effective weapon you can try to blackmail your male counterparts. Typically, this start with 'I know that you don't love me anymore'. Let the rest for his imagination.

Helps in relationships: Crying will give you the title 'sensitive'. There is a wrong concept among people that those who cry are innocent. You can make use of this and with the label of being sensitive nobody will prefer to tease you.

Stop it all within seconds: Are you thinking how to end up a stupid fight with your boy friend? Or are you left speechless in an argument with him? There is no need for a second thought. Just burst out into tears. Even a sob is enough. And everything will be on track.

Get attention: If you have a habit of crying more than normal, you might have already learned that it is the simplest and effective method for getting attention. But remember, this trick will get out-dated overtime.

Get sympathy: Do not waste your tears in a locked bathroom. Find a sympathetic ear and unleash your feelings. But remember to be specific. ‘I lost my wallet' make sense than ‘nobody in this world understands me'.

Remember these benefits of those special drops the next time you find a reason to cry. At least it will give you a reason to smile.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 9:44 [IST]
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